The NBA, Juanfer Quintero’s other passion: from the team that looks like River to the hoop on the Ezeiza property

The Colombian crack spoke of his devotion to the most important basketball league in the world, traced the similarities between the Millionaire and the last champion of the season, and counted the games that are put together at the River Camp.

Football and music are not the only great passions in the life of Juan Fernando Quintero. To the eternal idol of River The NBA also drives him crazy. “I’m really a fan”assured the Colombian midfielder, who often usually draw similarities between basketball and soccer, in addition to comparing the Millionaire with the last champion of the season.

“I have jerseys for all the teams, I buy several balls a year, I have my little field at my house in Colombia where I play with friends… Imagine being there, at the foot of the field”confessed the hero of Madrid in an extensive talk with Julián Mozo from Infobae.




And he continued with more details about his fanaticism for the orange ball: “I’m sick, I’d tell you, about tactics, strategies, assigning roles in teams… I love that of knowing each one’s flaws and virtues, what each one puts at the service of the team. Now I was full with the NBA Finals. I would tell you that I watch more basketball than football. It has also helped me to see how they train or feed because athletes are among the strongest”.

Asked if he talks with the River squad about basketball, Quintero revealed: With several, these days we talk a lot about the NBA finals. Even in the gym in Ezeiza we have a hoop and we play a 21 with Milton (Casco), Felipe Peña, Palavecino… Some even shoot with their legs”.

Likewise, Marcelo Gallardo’s No. 10 was encouraged to compare the Millionaire with the Western Conference franchise that comes from winning the final: “River could be Golden State, because it has a little bit of everything. Similarities in the proposal, in the identity of the game, it is also a similar process that takes several years. It’s similar, really.”

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

The Doll also saw several things from Steve Kerr, coach of the Warriors: “Because of the demand, the experience, both were players. And both of them, more than anything, care about how the team is doing, not just the player. They live thinking about how to enhance the collective. You learn a lot. I always say that I am very grateful to be directed by him, because he has very clear concepts and is the ideal person to exploit your qualities”.

It should be noted that the San Francisco team lifted the title days ago. Will the same thing happen with River? “I dare not say or promise anything. Of course, we will fight until the end. As has been the mentality always. Hopefully it will happen to us”expressed the coffee crack.

Finally, mentioning the partners on the field, Quintero indicated the teammates with whom he understood best: “Several. Rafa Borré, Matías Suárez, Pratto, Scocco, Mora, Pity… They are players who know my qualities and could get ahead of the action, make the move so that the ball could find them…”.

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The NBA, Juanfer Quintero’s other passion: from the team that looks like River to the hoop on the Ezeiza property