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The Municipality of Bahía Blanca continues in its process of expanding sports fields with outdoor basketball courts in its 3×3 and 5vs5 modalities. This time they finished with the works in the Boronat.


Boronat Municipality

The 3X3 tournaments organized by the Municipality of Bahía Blanca will have a new place to be played, since the Boronat Park sports area was completed, one of the largest in the city along with the Parque de Mayo.

This is part of an ambitious project in which 24 open-air courts will be built so that Bahian men and women can enjoy the mother sport in the open air.

«We are very happy with how we have been advancing in the construction and repair of the beaches in public spaces. We finished the Boronat one, which is one of the largest we have done and it has been spectacular”, comments Nicolás Arroyo, Undersecretary of Sports of the municipality.

“The park is being a recreation and leisure alternative for the people of Bahia and now they have a court to play basketball outdoors as one more option to practice sports in a public space.”

The idea of Municipality of Bahia Blanca is to hold various 3×3 format tournaments, for both sexes, in these open-air venues as we get closer to the summer season, with the clear idea of ​​enjoying the city’s flagship sport in public spaces.

«We are within the established deadlines for the construction of the beaches in the different places of the city. Now we are working in Plaza Don Bosco and we are going to start in the Parque de la Ciudad, La Quinta González Martínez, also Palos Verdes, where the existing one is going to be removed because it was deteriorated and a completely new one is going to be built»said the undersecretary.


Photos: Municipality of Bahía Blanca Press

Last summer they started Lightning Tournaments 3×3 that will continue in the coming months and will be announced in due time so that the greatest number of boys and girls can attend, in order to achieve continuity of basketball both inside and outside the clubs.

«We plan to reach 24 beaches before the end of the year and, if we continue as we have been, we will surely achieve it. There are different types and sizes depending on where they are located. Some are directly 3X3 basketball and in which there is more surrounding space, we build for 5 vs 5, with anti-bandal hoops, LED lighting and a cement floor”, Arroyo concluded.

The Municipality is clear that Bahia is a city of basketball and its sights are set on highlighting the mother sport of the city, not only in the traditional clubs of the national capital of basketball, but also in public spaces, to add not only to the federated, but to anyone who is interested in practicing sports in the open air.


3X3 blitz tournament

The field of Parque de Mayo is one of the busiest

The field located in the city’s Parque de Mayo, is used by many boys and girls who go to enjoy a good time outdoors and play street-style kicks, in a sector of the city that is one of the most frequented by girls. and the young.

The artists Julián Avellaneda and Albano Sánchez had the task of immortalizing Manu Ginóbili on the restored floor of the court, which has a blue background, with the portrait of the final shot against Serbia and Montenegro in the Olympic Games won by the National Team. Basketball Argentina in 2004.

In addition to the floor of the court, the perimeter wire was restored, the acrylics of the hoops were changed, the poles of the place were painted and the hoops were reconditioned.

From the ABB we celebrate this type of investment in public spaces that link the mother sport of the city with the people of Bahia. Basketball in the Capital is lived not only in the clubs, but also in the streets and outdoors.

The Municipality expands the outdoor courts ABB

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The Municipality expands the outdoor courts – ABB