The Morosano explodes on a night of great returns to basketball in Rosario

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The Rosario Super League will welcome two of its ambassadors who work in national basketball this Sunday, and Temperley will live a real party to receive one of its heroes at home.

From 8:30 p.m., El Negro will receive Echesortu in the framework of the ninth date of the contest with the presence in its ranks of point guard Marco Giordano, the kid who seven years ago left behind a dream that he is fulfilling in big basketball. But in the midst of that dream, he will live another yearning and will have the happiness of wearing the Temperley shirt again for a few months.

Opposite will be Eche, who also closed in the last few hours the arrival of Rodrigo Sánchez, another Rosario who stands out in national basketball and who will wear the jersey of the club that saw him grow up for a few games.

Temperley is 5-3 and Echesortu is 4-3 on the season. The date will have two other very interesting games on Sunday and from 8:30 p.m., since Caova (5-1) will seek to maintain the best record of the tournament when they host Unión y Progreso (3-3), and Sportsmen (4-2) will play a traditional neighborhood duel against El Tala (3-3). Sportivo América will be free and Gimnasia-Ciclón and Atalaya-Náutico were deferred.

On Friday, Talleres de Arroyo Seco beat Saladillo 111-65 at the Felix Soto in the game that kicked off the ninth date of the contest. The cast led by Marcelo Gallegos prevailed with 20 from Dosio, 19 from Mercado and 18 from Acuña to reach 7 wins and 2 losses in the campaign. Saladillo still failed to win in 8 games.

Los Rosarinos Estudiantes (4-5) and Libertad (4-6) will play in First A, while on May 21 Alumni de Casilda (8-2) will play against Puerto San Martín (4-6). University (0-11)–Provincial (5-0) will remain pending.

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The Morosano explodes on a night of great returns to basketball in Rosario