The message in the networks of LeBron James that angers the NBA … and the world

MAs the world fights the variant coronavirus micron, some countries regain restrictions, families cancel their Christmas plans and hospitals begin to increase their pressure on ICUs, Lebron James He launches a message on the networks that divides people between those who call him irresponsible and those who believe that he does not take the disease seriously.

“Incredibly Irresponsible, Misinformed, and Inadvisable LeBron Post”, It was the almost unanimous criticism of the Lakers player’s post on Instagram. The image had three Spider-Man figures located with the name of covid, flu and cold that seemed to blame themselves for what happened. Many were those who gave a criticism of ‘The King’ about the information that gave the citizens of a country badly hit by the coronavirus. Others, without justifying it, understood that it could be how confused we were by the similarity of the symptoms in a person.

One of the harshest messages reminded Lebron of the death toll in the US from all three: Covid, 815,647, flu, 37,314 and cold, 0, another told him how little grace the publication would do to Karl-Anthony Towns who has lost seven family members to the covid. The anger of people in many parts of the world, and also of many players of the NBA, It was based on the belief that LeBron did not take COVID seriously and that his influence could create many doubts in the millions of people who follow him.


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The message in the networks of LeBron James that angers the NBA … and the world