The Marquis presents uniforms of the “Mixed Football and Basketball Academy”

The Marquis presents uniforms of the Mixed Football and Basketball

As part of the efforts to prevent and eradicate addictions, as well as risk behaviors among children and young people, the municipality of El Marqués, through the Municipal Institute for the Prevention and Care of Addictions and Risk Behaviors (Center Vive), delivered the uniforms to the mixed basketball and soccer academies.

In this regard, the owner of the Live Center, Rafael Jiménez López, officially presented the program “Live with your Ball”, which seeks to eliminate risk factors through sport. He highlighted that there are currently 11 mixed academies in the disciplines of basketball and soccer, where just over 550 girls, boys and young people from 11 localities participate.

“With these actions we promote prevention factors and eliminate risk factors. Today we officially present our third program. I want to share with you that two months ago we started these academies and serve 550 children, today we officially present live with your ball, which is the strategy of the preventive soccer and basketball academies that provide a comprehensive care strategy. And what do we mean by comprehensive care, based on physical and psychological care that seeks to detect risk behaviors at an early age and we serve children from 5 years old to 16-year-olds. Until today we have 22 preventive academies . And we serve exactly 557 children with five preventive promoters and one volunteer”.

He stressed that despite its recent creation, the Vive Center has provided quality care for more than 1,500 young people at the elementary and high school level through the various programs they have.

During the delivery of uniforms to the mixed soccer and basketball academies, children and young people from the towns of Santa María de los Baños, Tierra Blanca, Las Lajitas, Los Encinos, Hacienda La Cruz, Paseo del Marqués, Santa Cruz, Presa de Rayas, Atongo, San Miguel Amazcala, San José Navajas, La Laborcilla, La Pradera, La Cañada and Libertadores.

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The Marquis presents uniforms of the “Mixed Football and Basketball Academy”