The Losadeta lives and fights old

Thursday’s day opened with the game between August 25 and Cordón, teams with different objectives: 25 without the pressure of a team that knew it could not avoid the disadvantage in Play-in, while Cordón playing precisely a possible advantage in the post-season.

At the start, the match was a triples contest, something unthinkable since Cordón and August 25 are two of the three teams that score the least outside shots among the 12 that make up the tournament. However, with that item as an offensive premise, the first ten minutes of the game passed. On the side of the Villa Dolores team, it was Lucas Capalbo who led with three triples, while the Albiceleste enjoyed two bombs from Diego Álvarez. When the triple did not enter, 25 took advantage of Harrison’s inside game, while Cordon had Octavio’s runs. In an entertaining first quarter marked by the zone defenses, Alejandro Muro’s team went up 20-17. The second quarter began with the Losadeta better. He was the one who managed the times of the game and took what he wanted to August 25, who abused the outside shot and did not repeat percentages. Cordon took advantage of the fact that Marotta was on fire both in driving and looking at the basket and opened up to a five-point lead. But after a minute of Muro, those of Bado Street improved and again matched up and even managed to pass on the scoreboard with Sebastián Vázquez as an offensive figure to go ahead 38-37 in the face of the long break.

The third got off to a furious start on August 25th. Again with the premise of the three-point shot he opened up to seven of income. Harrison had fun on the court and was indefensible. Cordón however found consecutive triples and a good passage from Bernardo to quickly get into play. From then on, the game went almost from goal to goal, despite the fact that Muro’s men played better offensively and finished up 61-58 at the end of the period. At last Harrison again became unstoppable. 25 scored eight points and it seemed that he was beginning to narrow the door of the game. However, Mauricio Aguiar. The Pica he consistently attacked the rim and generated yummy tidbits for the team below the bridge. That added to Diego Álvarez’s triples were enough for Cordón to get through after a long time. The closing was beautiful. Harrison like all night saw the huge hoop and managed to tie the game when Aguiar had allowed his team to open a double with less than a minute left on the clock. But when 25 had the ball in attack, a quick steal on Brian allowed Ferreira to rebound after rebounding a double to open two points with two seconds left. In the reload and after a very controversial failure, VAR by means of, the referees granted Brian García free, who did not forgive and sent the game to extension.

In overtime Aguiar appeared again. Cordón was very effective in the goal near the basket and opened six points with two minutes to play but adding three important casualties for the closing: Medina and Ferreira due to fouls, and Bastón due to injury. August 25 lost the compass and the Losada people activated the GPS at the right time. Barrera and Geller were decisive and the match was definitely closed. He took up to 11 advantage and ended up closing the game in figures of 97-88.