The last passenger

In the game corresponding to the play-in that defined the last classified to the quarterfinals, the faces Unión Atlética and Verdirrojo were seen. The latter, came to equalize the series and sought to be the only team to get among the eight best in the tournament, after having their rival had the sporting advantage. Those led by Daniel Lovera took to the field with Joaquín Dios, Federico Ambrosoni, Emilio Taboada, Antonio Bivins and Nicolás Delgado. For their part, those led by Ignacio Ortega began with Giovanni Corbisiero, Andrés Dotti, Martín Aguilera, Nahuel Amichetti and Manuel Monteverde. Those in charge of imparting justice were Andrés Bartel, Diego Borghini and Franco Dabbisogno.

The match played at the Romero Schinca gym presented a favorable start to the Cerrense team, who, with the help of an inspired Martín Aguilera, aggressive when attacking the ring, added to what Manuel Monteverde did on someone else’s board, managed to open a premature advantage of nine units (18-9). Those from Nuevo Malvín had serious defensive problems, while on the other side of the rectangle they depended excessively on what Federico Ambrosoni could contribute on the perimeter, who, as Taboada was well defended, found spaces to take his own pitches. A couple of consecutive bombs of number 4 and another of Emilio, gave the “local” the possibility of placing a partial of 15-3, to go ahead on the scoreboard. The first quarter ended up being a heads-up between the UA sub 23 and Verdi’s Fray Bentino forward, scoring 13 and 12 goals respectively. As the minutes went by, the defenses were improving, thus lowering the scoring capacity of both teams and therefore the level of the game. During that period of the game, the players who arrived from the substitute bench were also important, standing out Felipe Trusich in Unión Atlética and Nicolás Gentini in Verdirrojo. Complying with the inexorable law of the former, upon the closing of the initial stage, the figure of Nicolás “Tico” Delgado appeared in all its splendor, hurting the painted area, was decisive for his team to take control of the actions.

At the beginning of the second half, the Barça player, dressed in yellow on this occasion, was in front of the electronic team in figures from 43 to 36. When the teams returned from the dressing room, it was learned that Taboada had suffered a muscle problem, which was to leave out the rest of the party. In the first bars of the complement, a procedure similar to that of the second quarter could be observed, where both teams had problems when reaching the goal. Within this panorama, those of Velsen Street obtained better dividends, since each time Delgado received the ball in the low post, he managed to easily break the resistance of Monteverde. A triple by Trusich averaging the third period, allowed those led by Daniel Lovera to get an income of 14 points (60-46). In the worst moment of those on Prusia Street, Giovanni Corbisiero and Federico Cholaquides showed their faces for the team, both being decisive when putting an 8-0 partial, which left them with only two possessions, with a lot of time to dispute. Every time those commanded by Ignacio Ortega tried to finish specifying the reaction, a triple of his rival appeared, either from God or from Trusich. In the final minutes, the azulgrana remained firm and with a good effectiveness in free practice, especially from Ambrosoni, he ended up closing the game in his favor. Finally, Unión Atlética won the victory by 90-78 and thus became the last team to qualify for the El Metro quarterfinals.

The winner was the performance of Nicolás Delgado, who contributed 25 points, 12 rebounds and 6 assists, well accompanied by Federico Ambrosoni with 20 goals. On the loser’s side, Martín Aguilera scored 25 points and grabbed 9 rebounds.

Those from Nuevo Malvín will face Lagomar in the quarterfinals, with the first match being played next Monday at the second hour.