The Lakers’ crisis of the ‘Big Three’ is already a reality

Lor that started out as a mere preseason anecdote has ended up turned into a full-blown crisis for some Lakers that do not finish carburetting and that they will start the league with a balance of six defeats and no victory in the preparation matches after falling in their last friendly against the Sacramento Kings by 116-112.

For the second consecutive game Frank Vogel could have his entire arsenal on the court, but not even for those Angelenos were able to close the preseason with good feelings. Especially in a first quarter in which the Lakers came out too relaxed in defense and when they wanted to give account 12 were already down (35-23). An income that later would be impossible to overcome.

The Kings, who remain unbeaten in the preparatory games with four wins in as many games, were very serious in attack led by a good De’Aron Fox, who finished the clash with 21 points and five assists. Richaun holmes was the best player under the hoops with a double-double of 15 points and 10 rebounds, while Terence davis came off the bench to be the Kings’ second-best scorer with 20 points in his account.


  • Hawks 127-99 Heat
  • Nets 107-101 Timberwolves
  • Thunder 107-113 Nuggets
  • Kings 116-112 Lakers

Figures that were too much for the Lakers despite the good game of Lebron James. The veteran forward reaches his 18th season through the big door after signing 30 points (12 of 20 from the field and two of five from the triple), six rebounds, six assists and two blocks in 29 minutes of play.

Along with ‘King’ James stood out the numbers of Russell Westbrook, that begins to take the air to the team. The base ended with 18 points, five assists and three rebounds, while the other member of the Los Angeles ‘Big Three’, Anthony Davis, signed 14 points and 12 rebounds under the hoops, but it was not enough to avoid the word crisis in the Lakers environment.

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