The Lakers: a recipe for failure

The current version of the Los Angeles team is an example of everything that a franchise should not do.

Just a few months ago, a television series called “Winning Time” was released, which recounts the conception and rise of the dynasty of Los Angeles Lakers in the 1980s, illustrates, in a hollywodesque way, how the Doctor Jerry Buss he managed to build in Los Angeles the famous Showtime, which not only became a winning and dominant culture, but also flashy, sparkling, full of excesses and, at times, even pernicious.

Today on that culture, the pernicious is the only connection. The current version of the Los Angeles team is an example of everything a franchise should not do, the team’s set-up is so bad that one week into the season, the numbers are already historically negative. The Lakers they started the campaign with a 0-4 record that is even worse than their record, the team has no shape or structure.

The projection of victories for Los Angeles Lakers this campaign in Las Vegas was 45 wins, and after 4 games they look so bad that a casino has already offered an early payout to those who bet that they would exceed that figure.

The Lakers they don’t even get rewarded deliberately tanking and losing to seek to recruit Victor Wenbanyamaor a top pick in the next draft, because even if they rank among the season’s worst records, their first-round pick doesn’t belong to them, since that pick is from the Pelicans thanks to the exchange they made to take Anthony Davis.

The Lakers They are trapped with no way out. They signed to patrick beverly 34-year-old who does not put a coin in the ocean, they signed Lonnie Walker, tremendous athlete, but this season shoots for 17% in triples and 33% career. The salary cap led them to look for solutions in the G-League with matt ryana player with no experience NBAbut that in the development league he shot for 41% in shots from three.

This team plays basketball from the 80s, in a league where shooting 3 is a requirement to be successful, their percentage is 22% behind the arc when the leaders shoot 42%. The salary cap has their hands tied and their The only way out is to find a team that throws the season away like Utah and is willing to take Westbrook’s contract and then buyout.

But for those who locate Lebron James as a victim and who think that the Lakers they are wasting James’ last window of opportunity, perhaps he is the most responsible. He wanted Westbrook and left the Lakers with 3 players who earn 40 million, unable to shoot from distance, who are not compatible and who also do not form a competitive core

The LakersIn short, they are a recipe for failure that is difficult to overcome.

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The Lakers: a recipe for failure