The intense summer of Ceci Muhate

The center from Madrid has enjoyed 3×3 before starting her second season in the Endesa Women’s League.


She came to our Club 2 seasons ago, when our first team was still playing in the Women’s League 2. After her training at Corazonistas and Rivas Ecopolis, where she was able to learn from great players, she crossed the pond to join the ranks of Ole Miss before returning to our country.

Until then, Silver in the U17 World Cup in the Czech Republic and two-time European champion with the U18 and U20 defending the colors of the Spanish team in their training teams. So far, 92 games in FEB competitions, 529 points and 400 rebounds, including the one that certified our team’s promotion to the Endesa Women’s League, and the call of the Spanish 3×3 senior team to participate in the FIBA ​​Women’s Series this summer.

Today we sit down with a Ceci who is facing her second season in the highest category of Spanish women’s basketball, and who has responded to the following interview.

How was the first season at LF Endesa for you?

For me, the change of category meant leaving my comfort zone. This, added to the fact that due to team circumstances I had to assume quite a few minutes, helped me to lose my fear of the category a little and to realize that I have the level to play in the LF Endesa. It was a difficult year with many ups and downs, but the fact that we were able to keep our heads down and fight until the end to maintain the category says a lot about the teammates and coaches I am surrounded by, and gives me a lot of strength to continue fighting this season.

How has the 3×3 basketball experience been during the summer?
This summer the 3×3 has been much more intense. Last year I just went to the tournaments, played and until the next year nothing. This year however, there was more preparation, we trained at least twice a week and we went with a plan. It was “more professional.” I think this reflects a bit of what is happening with 3×3, it started as a summer hobby and is becoming more and more professional.

What has the call from the national team to compete in the Women’s 3×3 Series meant to you?
I was very excited that they called me since since the U20 I had not participated in the selection again.
I am very grateful for the opportunity I have been given this summer. Thanks to 3×3 I have been able to travel, compete at the highest level and learn both from colleagues and from opponents. Representing Spain is always something special, it means that I am going in the right direction and in a certain sense it is a reward for the work done throughout the year.

What makes 3×3 hook so many people that there are not in 5×5 basketball?
I started playing 3X3 basketball last summer and I really loved it. This year more of the same. I think that what attracts people more and more is that it is a very dynamic and fun format, with space to create a show. Also, during the summer it can sometimes cost a little more to train, that’s why 3X3 seems to me to be a very good way to keep fit while helping you improve in aspects that sometimes during the season you can’t focus so much. . For example, the 3X3, having more spaces, gives many more opportunities to work on individual resources and ball readings that you can practice to include them in the 5X5.

How do you face the next season?
I really want to start. Last year opened my eyes in many ways and I think the only way is up. I am very excited to meet the rest of the teammates and to get into the team routine.

Which Ceci Muhate will Leganés fans see?
This year I want to continue to be an important part of the team’s defense and rebound, and at the same time find my place in attack. I think the physical preparation this summer will help me take a step forward both offensively and defensively.

Talent, intensity and character in a player who will once again work hard in our shirt.


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The intense summer of Ceci Muhate