The Indian hunted the Lion

The beginning of the game was not entirely precise as both casts abused perimeter shots and the ball did not want to enter .. Harrison attacked a lot and was not fine beyond a triple. Tabaré warmed up his hand and the bombs appeared, two consecutive by Santiago Pernas and one by Facundo Medina to open seven (13-6). Muro sent changes and with them he also adjusted in defense, he planted in the zone and gave him good results, in attack Harrison and Brian García gravitated 8-0 and took control of the scoreboard, but it did not last long as Pernas and Medina continued intractable from beyond 6.75 and thus they went up 21-16.

The second quarter had an outstanding player in each team, Pernas continued sharpening from the perimeter, for his part León put the ball down with his foreigner (taking advantage of Alessio’s rest) and took advantage, those of Parque Batlle with greater ball mobility and taking offensive rebounds they showed a better collective performance, with Pernas and Medina as banners, despite this did not stretch differences on the scoreboard, August 25 with a triple by García plus some free ones by Vázquez approached and equalized the game at 29 for each side . The two teams defended in the zone but the shooters violated it in a good way, so much so that Nobile put a bomb on the buzzer to give one to his own 38-37.

Those of Villa Dolores came out better, playing offensive in the vicinity of the paint with Vázquez and Héctor Silva and thus opened six 45-39. Tabaré adjusted back and in attack Leandro Taboada appeared, a key piece in this beginning, scoring and assisting and with an 8-0 they passed on the scoreboard. The tonic was the alternation on the scoreboard because Medina was intractable while Pelado took office on August 25 and that made parity reign in the game rectangle, until Medina and Alessio were plugged in (the latter controlled Harrison in an excellent way ) and thus those led by Palacios went up at the end of the third 60-54.

The final ten minutes began with Tabaré in a tremendous way with Alessio and Taboada being of vital importance, but the best of all was behind, with a lot of leg and defense to the man, he left Muro’s boys more than four minutes without converting and they opened 20 , 74-54. Harrison felt tired, Vázquez did not come into contact with the ball, Brian García and Capalbo had a hard time getting the ball out, the differences grew and the mood influenced even more. Muro asked for time to correct and see if from the point of view he could change something, Brian García placed a triple but never came to outline a reaction in fact with Taboada’s triple they got a maximum of 23 (82-59) and with much to play the match seemed liquidated. Palacios closed again with the kids on the court and fastened a point that ended up being comfortable in final figures of 85-64.