The hierarchy of the captain

With two free hits in the final seconds by Uruguayan Jayson Granger, Baskonia defeated Panathinaikos and earned their first Euroleague win.

In the match corresponding to the third date of the most important club tournament in the old continent, the faces Baskonia and Panathinaikos were seen. The former came with a 0-2 record, while the latter held a 1-1 record. Those led by Dusko Ivanovic took to the pitch with Jayson Granger, Simone Fontecchio, Rokas Giedraitis, Matt Costello and Landry Nnoko from Cameroon. For their part, those led by Dimitris Priftis began with Daryl Macon Jr, Howard Sant-Roos, Ioannis Papapetrou, Okaro White and Georgios Papagiannis.

The match played at the Fernando Buesa Arena presented a somewhat favorable start to the local cast, who with a good offensive contribution from Jayson Granger and Rokas Giedraitis, one assisting and the other scoring, managed to open the first difference of the evening. Little by little, the visiting team was getting into the game, being important for this the figure of the North American Daryl Macon Jr, who converted from medium and long distance. From that moment on, both teams reflected their main offensive attributes on the court. Those from Vitoria-Gasteiz hurt with the throws from beyond 6.75 meters by Simone Fontecchio and Tadas Sedekerskis, while those from Athens hurt with the pick and roll carried out by Nemanja Nedovic and Jeremy Evans.

At the beginning of the second half, the homeowner was at the forefront in the electronic in figures from 40 to 35. In the first bars of the complement, the best version of the Basques could be observed, with three consecutive pumps, two by Granger and one from Fontecchio, they managed to get a rent of 11 units (49-38). When it seemed that the locals could manage to lead the victory, with Ioannis Papapetrou as the main offensive exponent, the Greeks placed a partial of 21-9, which gave them the possibility of going ahead in the score at the end of the third period. Upon reaching the game’s epilogue, parity was maintained, therefore, both teams had their chance to win the point. Two free Jays with 23 seconds remaining, put those led by Dusko Ivanovic in front by two points. Those of Dimitris Priftis had the last one in the hands of Papapetrou, but his launch of three points did not want to enter. Ultimately, Baskonia was left with the victory 81-79 and thus cut a streak of two consecutive losses in the Euroleague.

In the winner, the figure of Rokas Giedraitis stood out, who scored 16 points and captured 5 rebounds, seconded by Italian Simone Fontecchio with 16 points. On the loser’s side, Ioannis Papapetrou finished as the leading scorer with 22 points.

Uruguayan point guard Jayson Granger spent 25:34 minutes on the court, in which he contributed 12 points (2/5 triples, 2/3 doubles and 2/2 free), 3 rebounds, 9 assists and 1 steal, for a total rating of 22, the highest of her team.

The next commitment of our compatriot’s team for the continental tournament will be on Thursday, when as a visitor they have to face Alba Berlin. While ACB will be active again on Sunday, hosting Lenovo Tenerife at home.