The hand of God

The UA opened very early 9 of advantage. He complicated from the posts and was accurate in three when he did it after downloads, to start with excellent percentages (4/6). El Mono a bit more sloppy against a team that got him out of rhythm in the zone, was narrowing the gap, especially based on 6 second chance points, generated based on the control of the rebound in the rival ring (7/15). A double by Antonio Bivins on the buzzer, marked the difference of 6 at the end of the first boy (23-17).

Bivins and Federico Ambrosoni increased the percentages of Union from outside due to a good rotation of the ball (7/12). Miramar, who in return started 1/11 in triples, continued to dominate the rebound in the opposite ring so that the game did not die early. Lovera solved the problem by going to individual, but changing in all the blocks, so as not to be out of adjustment before second shots. Emilio Taboada coming out of the block also scored for a Barça player who got 16, which forced the time of Diego Olivera. The one from Santiago Gadea street put a quick 7-0 to return to the game. Faced with a grown opponent, the Nuevo Malvín team changed their scoring routes, finding points to avoid the reaction in the posts of Taboada and Delgado. The rebound correction was an oasis for Santiago Gadea, who continued to suffer more and more points from second shots, having allowed 13 of the 25 rebounds that were generated in his rim, with greater efficiency for his opponent, who prevented the difference does not exceed 7 points (47-40), at the end of the first half.

God, with an early bombshell, continued to generate nightmares for the Monkey with the triple. But far from staying, from his defense to run, Olivera’s team grew which, based on counterattacks, dipped to 6. Joaquín Núñez with five consecutive points left his team to a ball, but once again suffered the precision of the UA with the triple. Although based on the push of Sebastián Ottonello, the one from the old Belgrano neighborhood got within range, Ambrosoni put another bombshell and ran over the end to give Unión an 8 advantage (69-61).

The first half of the final quarter was more protested than played and thus Unión Atlética maintained the advantage. The number of whistles led both teams to go into groups early and take Ambrosoni out of the game with many minutes to go. With a zone, Miramar tried to throw the reaction but Joaquín Dios contributed to the Barça’s dream night with the shot of three, which got 12. El Mono tried to fight it with pressure on the whole court, but a triple more than God finished lowering the curtain to the party.