The gouache effect

Despite not having crowned a superb season with the title, Aguada’s popular roots set a precedent in the Women’s Basketball League.

We have heard a lot that the branch has been growing by leaps and bounds and no doubt no one denies it. We live in the league with the most parity of all time, with eight teams with a high competitive level, leaving behind those seasons where the hegemony was marked by just four.

But to the sporting growth, this season he added the popular one and although it is true that we have enjoyed finals on courts where the public overwhelmed the capacity of the gyms, the phenomenon even extended to previous instances. That is where the importance of the Aguada phenomenon lay, which with its centenary as the initial impulse and a great international season, which made the project visualize even more, added to the large public, the presence of the fans.

Since the middle of the Qualifier, we have not only enjoyed the applause and the celebration, but also the encouragement and that commonwealth that the rojiverde generates with its audience at each match close, that song that makes more than one goosebumps. But none of this would have been possible without a squad of warriors who responded on the other side… From the encouragement and defense of the captain, a Paz who overcame an injury and a cut in the finals to continue fighting with a bandage, or the magic and the goal cry of Kirschenbaum that made more than one of them get up from their seats on several occasions, to break their hands with clapping.

Aguada’s presence left several small courts and further into the playoff stage. The finals gave us more flavors, from the flag to the last two points, where a climate worthy of the final of the league was experienced, generating sensations perhaps never experienced before in each of the players who stepped on the float.

In addition, adding the personification of idols in several young fans, fundamental in the absence of the presence of ultra-popular teams, competing in the LFB.

It is true that these people set the bar very high, but they showed the club that this commitment to the centenary deserves to continue in time, to continue writing pages within the rich history of the club… Hopefully the LFB will have that bond again so special, between the fan and a team, that it allowed us to dream of everything.

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The gouache effect