The fourth date of the Training Competition of the Regional Basketball League of Soriano was held

August 29, 2021 at 2:37 PM –

The fourth date of the Training Competition of the Regional Basketball League of Soriano was held

With highly contested, emotional encounters, some that were defined in the end, the formations now accompanied by their relatives are providing a show

During Friday and Saturday night (some games were held in previous days) the fourth date of the Training Competition of the Regional Basketball League of Soriano was played, which from the authorization of the National Sports Secretariat and the health authorities They can count on the support in the stands of their family members in reduced numbers, but that gives another color and support to children and adolescents, with the corresponding encouragement, which has happily changed the show and knowing that all parties must take care of complying with the established protocol.

In Dolores, in the Bella Vista gym, the papal received Independiente de Mercedes, the reds were left with the victory in Minis 5 to 0; In Pre-infantile the board stopped 54 to 24 when the CAI took the 30 points of advantage; and in Independent Cadets he triumphed 77 to 52. In Infantile the Reds took 30 points ahead and the slate was officially stopped when they went 70 to 40; while the game in Juveniles the meeting had to be postponed due to problems in the electronic board.

For its part in the “Coloso Tricolor” of Fray Bentos, Nacional was host to Sandú Chico de Mercedes, in Minis it was a tie 2.5 to 2.5; In Pre-infants the score was allowed to be officially counted when Nacional reached 33 to 3; and in Cadets, the bags beat 99 to 40. Among these teams, the games in Children and Youth are pending.

In the “16 de Junio” gymnasium of the yellow Mercedarians, they received the aurinegros from Doloreños, in Minis Peñarol triumphed 3 to 1 against Esparta; in Pre-infantile it was also victory mirasol 48 to 22; in Cadets, Sparta won 65 to 55; the yellow ones also stayed with the victory in Infantiles 35 to 4 when the board was stopped; and in Juveniles 83 to 46 it was the favorable score for the Mercedarians.

In the gymnasium “12 de Mayo” of the A. Racing Club, the academics received Pacaembú Biguá and in an interesting meeting, with a good score, in Cadets the locals won 87 to 79. In Children the victory was also for Racing 92 to 81; and in Juveniles the academic victory was wider 83 to 59. The meetings in Minis and Pre-Infantiles are played on Tuesday.

In the Mercedarian basketball classic, at the “Mario E. Bellini” gym, in Minis, Remeros beat Prague 4 to 1; in Pre-infantile the slate officially stopped when the coastal ones obtained the 30 points of advantage before the celestial ones 71 to 41; and in Cadets in an interesting game, with changing alternatives, in which first the celestial was up and then it was the coastal one that managed to match him and pass, he was left with the victory Rowers 74 to 59 with very good individual performances.
In Infantiles, in a great game, in which Prague got 20 points, Rowers overcame it and came to pass and was defined in the final, with a victory from Prague 76 to 74; In Juventiles the victory was for the coastal 75 to 50.


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