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El Ceibo failed to close and lost the first point of the final series of the Provincial Basketball League against Banda Norte. On Sunday he will have the chance to match him again at Río Cuarto.

He turned it over in the fourth quarter but couldn’t close it in the best way. The “national flower” fell in the first game of the final against the “green” of Río Cuarto by 74 to 72 and started down in the series 1 to 0.

It was not a great game for the team of our city dog ​​weight that could take the victory that eluded him in the end. He had the ball to win it but lost it with three tenths to go without being able to shoot at the hoop.

The “flower” always ran from behind, although the local team was never able to get a good difference on the electronic board. It was a game with low percentages and many inaccuracies, typical of a first final.

Photo courtesy Al Toque Sports

However, and without having been the best of the games, El Ceibo was able to turn it around in the last period and it was double to double until the end. He had the last ball being one point down but a bad handling of the ball caused a loss that led to a foul to give him the final result of two points up for Banda Norte.

The scorer of the game was Gabriel Delbón of the premises with 23 points. While in El Ceibo Lautaro Florito stood out, finishing with 15.

On Sunday they will meet again in the “Southern Empire” starting at 8:30 pm. Those of our city will try to equalize the series to steal the advantage from the “green”.


North Band 74: Gabriel Delbón 23, Federico Ferrero 16, Leandro Barlasina 7, Lucas Barlasina 17, Franco Barjacoba 8, Thomas Arrebillaga 0 and Salvador Dho 0. Dt: Fernando Aguilar.

El Ceibo 72: Germán Ruffino 2, Bruno Pérez 9, Tomás Silveira 13, Agustín Blasi 13, Martín Sauco 2, Mateo Silveira 0, Agustín Lozano 7, Pablo Godino 9 and Lautaro Florito 15. Dt: Eduardo Blengini.

Partial: North Band 22 / El Ceibo 12, 39/34, 58/52, 74/72.

Stadium: North Band.

Photos courtesy Al Toque Deportes.

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The first one escaped – DiarioSports – San Francisco