The female Casademont Zaragoza breaks its streak in Salamanca with controversy

The extraordinary run of results that had led to the Casademont Zaragoza to the leadership was broken in Salamanca, on the track of Almighty Perfumeries Avenue (76-74). The Aragonese team fell in extra time and with controversy, since the added time came with the only free kick taken by the locals in a last foul that was much discussed by the Aragonese team. What has not ended or been lost is the magnificent Casademont game, his fighting spirit, his ability to overcome. He dominated the game for many minutes despite all the casualties that he drags and deserved more, much more prize.

With an omnipresent Fiebich, Casademont Zaragoza came out to command in Würzburg and took up to eight points of advantage in the first quarter (12-20) at the home of the current League champion. The Aragonese team did not slow down in the second quarter and, with their more choral version and using Davinia Ángel, usually with the reserve team, Carlos Cantero’s team maintained their advantage until the break (31-37).

The locals, who have started the season with many doubts and an internal tide that has become very public, were unable to break a Casademont with ideas so firm and clear that they are not daunted by anything. But Perfumerías Avenida returned from the locker room ready to show why it has dominated Spanish basketball in recent years and, midway through the third quarter, he turned the result around.

Neither seeing themselves behind on the scoreboard, nor notable absences in the inside game, discouraged a Casademont who kept up their fight and their options until the end. After a spectacular give and take, Geldof put his team ahead with 11 seconds left (65-66) but Vilaró equalized with a free kick resulting from a service fault. In the addition, the intense fight and the alternatives in the marking continued until the last actions. Casademont had the last possession of the game but could not shoot against the intense and allowed local defense. Fiebich was the top scorer with 15 points and Geldof grabbed 11 rebounds.


Avenue Perfumeries: Cazorla (17), Crvendakic (15), Vilaró (8), Mc Call (7), Reisingerova (2) -first five-, Rodríguez (2), Domínguez (9), Gulbe (4), Nogic, Fasoula (12 ).

Casademont Zaragoza: Ortiz (12), Tate (9), Oma (12), Fiebich (15), Geldof (8) -first five-, Grande, Ángel (2), Zelnyte, González (12), Alonso de Armiño (4).

partial: 15-20, 16-17, 21-13, 14-16 and 10-8.

referees: José María Olivares, Jesús Marcos Martínez, Sergio Acevedo.

Eliminated: Serena-Lynn Geldof by five personal.

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The female Casademont Zaragoza breaks its streak in Salamanca with controversy