“The entire squad trusts the youth”

Martin Aguilera was one of the figures and scorer for Verdirrojo in his second victory at El Metro against Miramar.

The fraybentino began by analyzing the triumph, “I am very grateful and happy because we made a good point, we changed our minds a bit from the beginning with respect to previous games where we had been failing, we entered more concentrated, we flowed more in attack and then we defended hard as always.”

Verdirrojo had come from playing with hard gnawing bones but they could not specify, “We were happy with the performance but we knew that we couldn’t stay with that since there were games that we started losing by 20 points at the start, we entered deconcentrated and it is something that is difficult to overcome due to more attitude, that was lacking before and today it was not thus, we changed the footprint, we entered more concentrated and invested and that was the key ”.

The perimeter also analyzed the variables of the campus between the past Metro and the current one, “Today we have a squad that flows in attack, long and with goals on all sides. We have young chips from the club that are important and we have to make them play, that they gain confidence and that will give us much more ”.

Aguilera made a special mention of the club’s booty game, “The key to our first victory was that we won by joining the youth, they entered with an attitude as they always have to be, they know that the entire squad trusts them.”

The support for the U21 squad is something that is given by the greatest and that is how Aguilera sees it, “The beauty of a campus is being all together, accompanying them and generating a beautiful chemistry and camaraderie, it seemed like a nice gesture to stay.”

To conclude he spoke of the strongest point of those on Prusia Street, “When Ottonello was not there, we took advantage of attacking the post under his good, we all have a goal, we have to take advantage of those moments, look for the best game and pass the ball until we find the best shot.”