The English Blixen, an emblem of Trouville and 1956 Olympic medalist, died

At the age of 85, the Englishman Carlos Blixen, an emblem of Trouville and an Olympic medalist, passed away this Monday. at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

The basketball player played for 17 seasons, between 1954 and 1970, uninterruptedly in the first team of the Pocitos Reds. He debuted at the age of 17 on the main team. If his campaign extends from when he joined the Cebollitas until his retirement, he spent 20 seasons, from the court with a tosca floor, when he entered through the headquarters on Avenida Brasil.

The Trouville Reserve team in 1953, the year before Blixen made his First Division debut. Unemployed: Lemolle, Beramendi, Ceibal Regules, Cacho Parodi, Blixen, Varela; crouching, Rius, Guzmán Aguirre, Risso, Mona Bianchi, Sosa, Pagani Canyon

He was a scorer, figure and a strategist on the field.

Later, he fulfilled the role of teacher in training and in 1973 he took over as coach of the first team. With the reds he was vice-champion in the historic Federal Tournament of 1973, when with an amateur team he fought for the title against the professionals Peñarol (champion) and Hebraica Macabi and lost the final with a double out of time by Bandido Bianchi, in the last game. before the aurinegros.

The English with the light blue

The bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 1956 is the most important recognition of his exquisite and extensive career with the sky blue (1955-1963). He was in two Games, those of 1956 and in Rome 1960in which Uruguay finished eighth.

He played five South Americans and was champion in Cúcuta 1955. He was also in Santiago de Chile 1958 (vice champion), Córdoba 1960 (fourth), Rio de Janeiro 1961 (vice champion), Lima 1963 (third),

He played in two World Cups, Chile 1963 (ninth) and Brazil 1963 (tenth), and was in the San Pablo Pan American 1963, in which Uruguay was fourth.

accumulated 70 games with the national team.

A life dressed in red

The debut of the English Blixen took place on the field of El Faro, in a match that was played on a Sunday morning, against Defensores de Maroñas for the first date of the 1954 “Dr. Francisco Nicola Reyes” Preparation Tournament. Red won 40-34 and the English scored 14 points.

That year Trouville swept all the titles: he won the Preparation and the Federal Second Division with his first team, the two official tournaments that were played, and the Third and Reserves. The four under the technical direction of Javier Rey.

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The English Carlos Blixen in Trouville vice-champion in the First Division Winter Tournament of 1961, unemployed, Britos, Pedragosa, Plleri, Inverniz, Iruleguy, Tossi, Blixen; crouched, A Pérez, France, E. Pérez, H. García, Salvo

The following year he won the 1956 First Preparation and was vice-champion in 1961. He was the first team coach for a decade, between 1973 and 1980, including the 1973 vice-championship, the first steps in professionalism.

For work reasons, in 1981 he settled in Spain.

This is how his retirement was recorded

In the club’s Report, for the 1970/1971 financial year, his departure from the pitches was thus patented: “This 1970 season has marked the retirement of the pitches by the Englishman Blixen, the only player with the Trouville shirt and with the light blue of our National Team. We affirm this because although great players have not been in short supply, neither in our environment nor in our beloved Club, it is certainly very difficult to find another example of a true star who, at the same time, has been an invariable gentleman, a thorough athlete respectful of his adversaries and the authority of judges, technicians and leaders; excellent partner, on and off the court and, to boot, one hundred percent amateur. For all this accumulation of virtues is that the English Blixen, repository of an old and romantic tradition of honesty and sporting purity, which he managed to maintain high for almost two decades, became the image and symbol of that Trouville that he loves so much and how well he defended. From 1951 to 1970 -twenty consecutive seasons- he set a continuity record wearing his red jersey. With No. 3 first, at the time when Julio Folle baptized him as the ‘Niño de Rag’, with No. 13 later and forever, when in his masterful sporting maturity he had earned the nickname of ‘Professor’ , knew how to always keep himself the same, invariably playing with ‘a cool head and a warm heart’, worth the phrase that he recently applied to a new partner. Seventy international caps in official competitions, he was the man from Trouville who wore the light blue shirt the most times and the one who scored the most goals in his defense. He walked his quality from Lima to Melbourne, from Córdoba to Rome and everywhere he left the seal of his sporting lordship. His path closes, but his example will last forever. And the accumulated glory, without fanfare or fuss, by true ‘right of conquest’, reflects honor on our Trouville, who has had the privilege of being defended by this peerless athlete”.

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The English Blixen, an emblem of Trouville and 1956 Olympic medalist, died