The eighth time was the charm for Alimerka Oviedo Basketball

He had to suffer more than in any other season. It was thought that all was lost. But it came. With courage and team spirit, the Alimerka Oviedo Basketball got his first win of the season against Leyma Coruna. A great choral performance by the Oviedo team, with six players overcoming the 10 point barrier, allowed the Asturians to add the first victory of the season in LEB Oro. The game shown this Sunday by Trifón Poch’s team invites us to be more optimistic than it was a week ago. The first step is already here.

The game began with a lot of equality that was reflected in the Pumarín scoreboard. The pavilion proved to be with its team despite the negative results with which Alimerka Oviedo Basketball arrived. Pumarín became Pumarín again and that would be vital to the interests of Tryphon’s cadre. The Asturian team entered the game well, although I will reactto Leyma to leave ahead at the end of the first quarter (25-27). At this point, the Oviedo already had several players with the right wrist.

That was shown in the second quarter, despite the fact that the score wasn’t favorable either. The A Coruña team extended their lead before the break to go to the locker room with a 6-point advantage. A partial of 0-5 punished Oviedo although the figure of Romeo Crouch was vital with a 2+1 that prevented the distance from being greater.

Already in the second part, carbayón accelerator. Romeo, Craig Lecesne and a triple from Peñarroya they drove Pumarín crazy and opened a gap on the scoreboard. A triple of the reappeared Thorir He placed the maximum in favor of Astur, with a 10-point advantage. However, in this season for Tryfón Poch’s team there is no time for calm. The Leyma Coruña took advantage of the weaknesses Alimerka Oviedo Basketball and tied the game before entering the fourth quarter. The feeling pointed to be negative. But today was the day.

romeo crouch He continued with the team behind him, marking differences from the triple. He also broke through the defense of the captain arteaga to stop Leyma’s arreones and reopen the distance on the scoreboard. A triple of Penarroya and another of pruitt they certified a victory as necessary as fair for the OCB. It is not the desired season, but everything does not look so black anymore. The first victory is already here.

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The eighth time was the charm for Alimerka Oviedo Basketball