“The dream is to go as far as possible”

Continuing with the DTA coaching round, it was the turn of Germán Cortizas, who will once again be in charge of the Reducto club.

How is the preparation of the team?

It is quite particular, since only now are players who were playing El Metro being added. It’s only been a week that we’ve had more than 10 in a training session. But hey, we adjust to that reality and we work very well despite this difficulty. The players have shown a great disposition with the club, both those who trained with us and those who played El Metro, because they were always in contact, wanting to finish their tournament as high as possible, but at the same time wanting to be here with us. Luckily that is over and we have them all. We have played a couple of friendlies and this is how we have carried this preparation.

How do you see Reducto after a year without playing as a result of the pandemic?

The club is really looking forward to it. From the formative and the building issue, wanting to grow and dreams of fighting for promotion. Despite the fact that this DTA must be one of the most even, at least the ones I can remember. Although there are teams that have been armed very strong to fight for promotion, it is going to be a very even tournament, with teams that have excellent rosters.

How much does it influence being local again and on a field like Reducto?

Without a doubt, Reducto is going to be a difficult court for the other teams. Most of the clubs have been modernized a lot and this is one of the fields that has lagged behind a bit in that regard, but with the thought of making improvements such as the floor and closing the field. Although the reality indicates that today it is still not there and the championship begins in a few days. I also think that it is not entirely good for any player, neither for us because in this type of floor you feel more fatigue, joint pain, etc. But within all that, for us it is an advantage, because we train here every day and we have certain references and the body more adapted to this scenario, although we will also have to go out to other courts that are very complicated.

What is the difference between the Germán Cortizas of 2018 in your first experience and this one in 2021?

Sure I must be different, I have had to live a lot of things, some very beautiful and obviously others not so much, but trying to make the best of it. Without a doubt there is more knowledge, a little more experience. But I am still the same person who is essential, I believe a lot in the human part. Then it is also important to help the players, who are ultimately the ones who lead you to success.

What positive points did Aguada leave you as a coach and what did you take for your career from both Miguel Volcan and Adrián Capelli?

Without a doubt that experience in Aguada left me a lot and I was able to share it with two great coaches. Miguel is a coach with enormous knowledge, a strong personality, luckily I made a great friendship with him, I learned a lot, especially in field knowledge and tactical methods. Adrián is a coach whose great virtue is managing the group, knowing how to listen to the player and being very calm when leading. But there are a lot of other things to highlight about both of them and about Aguada as well, which led my training to grow, sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously.

What can a player like Leandro Taboada bring you?

Obviously Leandro is a very important player for the division, a league player and has also played abroad. He has a lot of personality, he likes to compete and he is always positive. The relationship I have with him I also have with other players with whom I have been a teammate or have directed them in training. This is a great advantage, but you have to know how to handle it to have the normal limits between players and coaching staff. That nice relationship that I have with several players is going to be a plus.

What role will the youth play in the team?

It is part of the project we have. First to get as high as possible and second to give the opportunity to some young people that we have, thinking about trying to empower them and keep them growing. It is also in them and in their daily work to earn the minutes, we are not going to give them anything but, giving them a space on the court is one of the objectives of the season.

Can you repeat what was done in DTA 2018 where Reducto was nowhere to be promoted?

I think the same as that time. In 2018 I decided to go as far as possible and this year it is exactly the same. A priori, this Redoubt is a little better armed than the one in 2018, but just as we armed ourselves better, so have the other teams. In 2018 I dreamed of giving the club a promotion, we were very close, it did not happen and hopefully this time it will. When a tournament starts, the dream is to go as far as possible.

It is a tournament that will have great clubs like Atenas, Bohemios or Welcome, how much can these teams influence the season?

Obviously, the clubs with a lot of history in the federation have their weight and great support behind. The players are always the determining factors to achieve a goal, of course those teams have a plus, but if we do things well, I think we can have a chance to fight for promotion without a problem.

How will the Redoubt of Germán Cortizas play?

I always liked the team game, obviously we know the quality of players we have and the great individual imbalance they have. But we will always seek to take advantage of that to get the most collective benefit and we will always look for the best possible shot.

What teams do you see candidates in this DTA?

Perhaps Atenas and Welcome are above the rest and in a second line come Auriblanco, Capurro and Reducto. We have to see if no other team gets involved, because there are very good teams, to name you two would be Albatros and San Telmo, but I’m sure I’m forgetting other teams. I’m sure it’s going to be a very even tournament.