The day Draw became famous

Draw, Draw Martinez, Emiliano, who was a father four days ago, who left as a child for England from Independent, who made a bench at Wenger’s Arsenal, who shaped a career worked out with sheer patience, who was the Argentine goalkeeper who was paid the most in history (22 million euros). Today everyone talks, we all inevitably talk about the starting goalkeeper of the National Team who surprised the world. With his meter 93 he became a giant in the arch and became the hero of all Argentines, with players celebrating in privacy like few times.

When did a national team goalkeeper take three penalties, covering them like Goycochea, who became famous for his exploits of Italy 90 especially? This 28-year-old boy made history even if he was not a champion. Martínez is a gentleman but on the court he showed that he transforms. There are moments that mark races, that leave their mark, and the guy earned a place in the definition.

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Why? For those spicy little dialogues in front of the Colombians who magnified his robust figure. He “look how I eat you, brother”, Olé’s cover, is a folk phrase that shows confidence and seeks to intimidate, although it should not be taken as literal but as part of a game that in those situations is very mental. To that, of course, he added his ability to cover three and be close to another penalty. The rivals were planted and he even had a mini slip with a gesture that was not necessary, understandable by what was played.

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That Messi has said that he is “a phenomenon” shows the support that the goalkeeper won in this coexistence that he had not reached as a starter. With a high level in Aston Villa he conquered Scaloni and unseated a groso like Armani: the DT had seen something that others did not and gave him the responsibility of being the starter.

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With the pass to semi, an Argentinean almost unknown to most was uncovered. The one who made you thrill and now dreams a difficult dream: eat Brazil.