The Croatian team rejuvenates Perisic

Croatia he has done it again. After reaching the end of the World Cup 2018 and fall before France It seemed the end of a historic generation. players like mandzukic Y rakitic they left the selection, but others like perisic Y Modric They decided to continue and guide the youth. And they are in the semifinal of the world from Qatar, a real achievement. In the case of Ivan (33) he is doing it like a good wine, improving over the years.

Although with the passage of time he has been losing speed and dribbling, with each passing day he understands the game better, associates more easily and detects the places where he can hurt his rivals. It has fewer qualities, but it exploits them better. He is no longer that crazy young man who dazzled for fifteen or twenty minutes and then disappeared. He now he endures the entire games and selects the efforts.

The Croatian team competes wonderfullyHe defends well and creates problems in attack. Also, is a resilient team that turns difficulties into opportunities. A Croatia you can hit it, but if you don’t kill it, it kills you. Still, the biggest deficit is the lack of unbalanced players in one-on-ones. And that is why the role of number 4 is so fundamental, the footballer with the greatest ability to eliminate rivals through dribbling or driving. In order not to lose possession, balls to Luka modricto be vertical and eliminate rivals, balls to perisic. The instructions are very clear.

The soccer leader is the one who does not need to raise his voice to be heard, with a look he already says everything. The player of Tottenham It is one of them. In moments of difficulty, he picks up his backpack, loads it on his back and tells his companions to “follow me.” He does it with a determination that lifts the spirits of players and fans. The bigger the challenge, the more his football shines. It doesn’t matter how old you are, The player born in Split does not wear the Croatian shirt, he feels it, it is tattooed on his blood and it shows.

The left-footer continues to dribble on a tile, crosses with music and poisonous shots. This Tuesday before Argentina (8:00 p.m.) He has one of the biggest challenges of his career: trying to make his left leg the one that makes the difference, and not his left leg. Messi.

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The Croatian team rejuvenates Perisic