The covid outbreak grows in Aguada in the face of the classic: “With eight the same we present ourselves”

The dispute of the Uruguayan basketball classic that Aguada and Goes they must play this Thursday within the framework of the 13th date of the Uruguayan Basketball League 2021-2022 It hangs by a thread due to the covid-19 outbreak that originated in the aguatero campus.

The game is scheduled for 9:15 p.m. at the Palacio Peñarol and ticket sales began this Wednesday, placing several hundred tickets through Tickantel.

But nevertheless, the positive cases of Aguada continue to increase.

On Tuesday, the team faced the game against Olimpia on the Larre Borges court without its coach Daniel Seoane and without the American Tyreek Duren, Sebastián Izaguirre and the youth players Lucas Silva and Mateo Amarillo. The water carrier had to be directed by Federico Bavosi who acted as coach-player, but lost without lifting 71-58.

Izaguirre, one of those infected

On Tuesday he was infected and was unable to play Mathias Calfani.

This Wednesday the positive of Bavosi was added while the Argentine Marcos Mata has all the symptoms and is waiting for its result.

The regulations that were voted to complete the 2019-2020 League and to play the 2021 League remain unchanged and establish that in order to appear, a team must have three chips among the five nationals and the three unnamed to be able to play.

The increase in cases that have been registered in recent days led the clubs to convene a league council where it was ratified that the same regulation was still applied.

Aguada also has technical assistants Nicolás Silva and Joel Pose, physical trainers Federico Izeta and Mauricio Mendoza, and physiotherapist Joaquín Olivera with covid-19.

For now, the ones who are getting away are Leandro García Morales, Federico Pereiras (the other two older chips), Tyrone Lee and the Argentine Mata, although he has symptoms.

The minimum number of chips to present, adding national and unnamed, is three. Aguada is on the verge.

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Joaquín Osimani, one of the figures of Goes

“We are going to present ourselves to play although we believe that It is a risk to play the match due to the sanitary conditions in which we are. I think it exposes the rival and the judges. If common sense prevails and for a health issue, the match should not be played, but until they tell us that we cannot appear and that they give us the lost match, the club’s will is to appear. With eight equals we presented ourselves”, he told Referee the vice president of Aguada Daniel Olivera.

In case of no show, Aguada will lose the match 20 to 1 for not being able to introduce the team.

In the last League, eight games could not be played due to casualties generated in the campuses by covid-19 and one of them was the classic that was going to be played on April 20 between Aguada and Goes. Aguada could not appear due to the casualties caused by the virus and Goes won the match 20-1.

At that time, Bavosi, Mateo Sarni, Federico Pereiras, Gabriel Brun and Diego Soarez tested positive.

The missionary came from being the first team with an outbreak and for that reason they lost the matches before Malvín and Biguá.

Another classic is now on the ropes due to covid-19.


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The covid outbreak grows in Aguada in the face of the classic: “With eight the same we present ourselves”