The controversial nomination of Andrew Wiggins as All-Star starter | long live basketball

The announcement of the NBA starters brought, as always, its dose of controversy, especially in the nomination as starter of Andrew Wiggins of the Warriors, who in this way manages to reach his first All-Star Game, although many are not convinced. that it has deserved to appear as one of the headlines.

Wiggins’ merits

The Canadian has established himself as the Warriors’ starter, although his averages are not the best of his career, he has found stability in his game. 31 minutes, 18.1 points, 4.2 rebounds and 2.1 assists. What he has improved on is his effectiveness, since 48.3% in field goals is the best he has achieved in his career, as is his triple percentage with 41.2%.

In the votes, Wiggins ranked third in his position for the fans, among the players he was the fifth with the most votes and for the media he was the sixth in votes. That is to say that before him, the media voted for players like Rudy Gobert, Draymond Green and even Karl-Anthony Towns.


Wiggins’ secret weapon to start

According to a post by Nick Jungfer of BF, the fact that Andrew Wiggins has achieved a place in the headlines is due to the campaign carried out by K-Pop star BamBam, who was appointed as an ambassador for the Warriors and a few weeks ago posted a message in support of Wiggins, asking his fans to support him as he deserved an All-Star spot.

BamBam has more than 15 million followers on his social networks, so, without a doubt, his fans contributed in an important way for the Canadian to earn a place in the All-Star Game. Wiggins was the third player in the frontcourt position of the Western Conference with the most votes by fans, behind only LeBron James and Nikola Jokic and outvoted other players such as Luka Doncic, Devin Booker and Chris Paul.

fan votes

  • Andrew Wiggins (3,452,586)
  • Luka Doncic (2,506,117)
  • Devin Booker (1,165,223)
  • Chris Paul (949,034)

So, for many, the choice of Andrew Wiggins as the starter may be questionable, but let’s remember that the opinion of the fans counts a lot, so, for the next edition, those who wanted to see Luka, Booker or someone else, should make an effort. more to help your favorite player.

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The controversial nomination of Andrew Wiggins as All-Star starter | long live basketball