The competition format of El Metro 2022 and the complete fixture: the return to the neighborhoods

The tournament will be named after 115 years of Colón Soccer Club and it will be contested by the two teams that relegated from the 2021-2022 League, Capitol and Olivol Mundial, by the two that rose from the DTA last year, San Telmo Rapido Sport and Larrañaga, and also by 25 de Agosto, Colón, Cordón , Miramar, Lagomar, Sayago, Stockolmo, Tabaré, Athletic Union and Verdirrojo.

Danubio, who returned to compete in basketball in 2018, dropped out of the tournament dispute and will be one of the teams that will be relegated.

Competition Format

Will play a round robin after which the tournament will split in two. The top seven will play for the playoffs and the bottom seven for relegation.

The first seven will play again all against all, with a previous draw that will determine the localities, being ordered from first to seventh place for the playoffs.

this tournament will bear the name of Facundo Mosquera, youth from the Sayago formations who died in April, at the age of 16, as a result of a terminal illness.

The seven teams in the relegation round will also play all against all with a prior local draw.

The winner will be number eight for the playoffs.

The last four will play a play-out to define relegation.

They will play crossed to the best of three games on a neutral court. The winners are saved and the losers will play a final for not going down.

Sporting advantage in the quarterfinals

The teams located in positions 1, 2, 3 and 4 will play the playoffs, in the quarterfinals, with sporting advantage and the best of three points.

The first match will be played on the court of the teams located in fifth, sixth and seventh place in the table above and the eighth, that is, the winner of the round below.

If a third point is necessary, it will be played on the court of the team that has a sporting advantage.

The semifinals will be played without advantage to the best of three games.

The two winners will be promoted and will play for the title in a single match.

After two years of the pandemic, El Metro returns to the neighborhoods and the local clubs.

The contest will begin on Thursday, June 23.

The complete fixture

The favorites

Cordón, who will be led by Álvaro Ponce, put together one of the strongest teams to go for a promotion that has resisted him in recent years.

Ignacio Xavier, from the top league in Goes, and Lucas Capalbo, Malvín point guard, will have as partners two Argentines who have just played in the Argentine League: Fabián Ramírez and Eduardo Vasirani.

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Ignacio Xavier, figure to follow in Cordón

Capitol opted for Gonzalo Fernández who after going down with Olivol was hired again by Nacional for the next League.

Sayago will have Nicolás Díaz as DT and bet heavily on the Argentine Agustín Caffaro as an unnamed player. The former San Lorenzo was already promoted with Urupan in 2020. With Germán Silvarrey, Mateo Dogliotti, Nahuel Lemos and Joaquín Jones those of Ariel and the road will fight.

Tabaré will be directed by Diego Palacios and will have Ricardo Glenn, uneven in the title and rise of Larre Borges last year and Miles Bowman Jr. who played the League at Trouville. Martín Perdomo, Octavio Medina and Pierino Rüsch will give Indio a spicy perimeter.

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Diego Palacios, DT of Tabare

Anthony Danridge will be the team leader accompanied by another American, Akia Pruitt, and good national players like Leandro Taboada, Mateo Giano, Claudio Bascou and Juan Wenzel.

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Danridge, always yields to Fernandez

Athletic Union, with the experienced Daniel Lovera at the helm, will have Latraius Mosley and Sebastian Ottonello as unnamed chips to support talented young people like Nicolás Pereyra or Joaquín Dios.

Olivol Mundial will be directed by Germán Cortizas under the leadership of Emilio Taboada, the experience of Ángel Varela and the youth of Lucas Silva and Martín Couñago. Mauricio Rodríguez will be the DT of Lagomar who will have Reque Newsome, Brian Moultrie, Rodrigo Trelles and Bernardo Barrera to fight.

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Germán Cortizas, DT of Olivol Mundial

Stockolmo, who was vice-champion of El Metro 2021 and was promoted but resigned in time to play the League for economic reasons, will be directed by former Danubio Guido Fernández. Facundo De Gouveia and Facundo Terra will be the figures of the team.

Colón, with Ernesto Dorrego from DT, will have an American Casey Jones, Gianfrando Espíndola from Peñarol and Andrés Aristimuño as his best-known faces.

Diego Olivera will direct Miramar with Roydell Brown as a foreigner, and experienced values ​​such as Johnny Rodríguez and Martín Mayora.

August 25 will have Colo Gustavo Reig as DT. Dennis McKinney and Fernando Verrone will be the unnamed chips.

Sergio Delgado will direct Larrañaga, which will feature Maximiliano Nóbile, Agustín Cabillón and Nahuel Santos.

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Maxi Nobile will play in Larrañaga

Verdirrojo will be directed by Ignacio Ortega and opted for two very strong and unnamed Uruguayan chips: Brian García and Martín Aguilera. Javier Masner will command San Telmo with Marcel Burton and Michael Frye as foreigners.

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The competition format of El Metro 2022 and the complete fixture: the return to the neighborhoods