The color of the NBA party in Mexico that turns 30

Hundreds of fans attend the Arena Ciudad de México for the duel between Miami vs. San Antonio, which celebrates 30 years since the first NBA game

The north of the Mexico City lived the passion of nba with the Global Game Mexico 2022regular season game they play San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heatthe return of a league that the Mexican fans expected after the COVID-19 pandemic.

The fans of the capital and the followers of the nba in the country they were present three hours before at the venue and the sellers of official and unofficial merchandise did not miss an opportunity to benefit from this game either, since from noon they offered products not only from the two teams involved, but also from the rest of the franchises and also from other sports such as MLB and NHL.

In the vicinity of the property, the stalls with merchandise also offered original products that ranged from 600 to 5 thousand pesos for jackets.

The Arena Mexico City, which has a capacity for 22,000 spectators. It should be noted that for the seventh time the spurs They will be in Mexico, in a story that began in 1994, and it will be their third regular season. HeatFor their part, they return after playing a regular season game in 2017.

With two and a half hours to go before the game, the ticket offices of the property no longer offered tickets for the game. The most accessible tickets that were on sale were at 565 pesos, while those with the highest cost and next to the stave were at 11,700 pesos.

The resale on the site offered the cheapest tickets at 4,000 pesos and corresponded to the general area that were originally at 565 pesos, while tickets worth 2,385 were offered at 5,000 pesos

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The color of the NBA party in Mexico that turns 30