The ‘Che’ García, presented in the Basketball National Team: ‘It is the dream of every coach here and abroad’

Day C arrived for Néstor García: the day Che. The new coach of the Argentine basketball team He made his formal presentation at noon this Thursday, in modern style, at a press conference via Zoom.

“I am very happy for this appointment, it’s a blessing to me“, he assured from New York, previous step since his return from Puerto Rico (where he was directing for the last time) to return and settle permanently in Buenos Aires, where he will be arriving before the end of the month.

“I always had the desire to represent the country, it is the dream of every coach here and maybe also from many outsiders, because we have a great selection and a very well valued basketball“said the new coach.” I wanted this, but until I had the first call from Fabián (Borro, the president of the CAB) I never wanted to get excited about anything. Only then did I begin to feel that the National Team could be mine and it made me very happy, but at the same time calm that, if it had to be given, it would be given, “he added about how he lived the realization of this desire.

Since that 2011/2012 when he was part of the staff of Julius lamas, even leading (and winning) a South American, much has changed according to the Che. “The game has evolved, physically it is very decisive. The trends of the game are defined by the physical condition, the athleticism that year after year is greater. AND communication has changed a lotWe are in a modern world, where the one who sends the message has to be very clear and concise because the attention, given so much distraction, is shorter. One must respect the roots and biases of the players, where they come from, and adapt things to that teamwork. It’s very different, “he reasoned, aggiornado.

One of the first questions that the coach addressed in the attention to the media is that, beyond the fact that there is a young nucleus that will continue with great chances of being part of the team, it is possible to speak of a new era from of the retirement of Luis Scola. “This is a new cycle, Luis has left, not only because of his legacy as a leader but also as a scorer it leaves us many areas to cover as a team. But we have first-rate equipment, players with international experience, a very important perimeter, and always Argentina it has been searched despite the lack of big men. “

In that sense, one of the issues that for a long time was the meat of debate in the basketball environment was the nationalization -or not- of players, specifically of those that could help fill the deficiencies in the low post. Of course, the appearance at the time of men like Ruben Wolkowyski, Fabricio Oberto, Gabriel Fernández and Scola himself made that discussion seem settled.

But now, with the captain’s retirement, it has been put on the table again at the conference. And in this regard, the Che He was not final but he did leave a glimpse of his thought with his answer: “I have not resolved or thought about it. I feel that the National Team belongs to an elite place in the world. and that the trend has been to nationalize for many countries. And we talk about big names, top teams that nationalize. I have not thought about that yet, but the world trend indicates that everyone is doing it in search of the highest level. “

Anyway, the new coach clarified that “when the time comes, it will not be an individual decision but something everyone thinks that is the best thing for the Selection “.

He also thanked, of course, the outgoing coach, Sergio Hernandez: “We have had a relationship since we were little, we went out to eat when we were young … I have enormous respect for him, he is a crack, we have a lot of affection. What he has done for the national team has been spectacular And that he talks about me and says what he says for me is a great compliment and a very important support “.

How do you expect your national team to play, meanwhile? Garcia did an evaluation as surgically as possible for a newly appointed. “We have material to defend very hard, very strong on the perimeter, crashing, because by not having tall people we have to be very hard with the perimeter and the aids, “he explained from the defensive line.

“And then, for my palate, if in attack we can play on the left and right side, play the extra pass and provoke play, because the scorer leaves and we have to generate the points, the better – he elaborated -. We have players who can score but not specialist shooters. From the collective operation is where we have to become strong “.

And he concluded with another series of concepts: “I would like the National Team to be defined by three things: commitment, I know they have it, focus, which is being prepared and focused, and that nothing and nobody is more important than the National Team. From there we will have to play and pass the ball and do it well, “Garcia reasoned.

“I’ve had a theory for a little while that talks about multiplying. Someone can have a good offensive night but if they don’t have those three concepts, it’s like multiplying by zero. Everything you do individually, if you multiply it by zero does not exist. We have to maintain what we have had all these years and some specification that I may have on my part, obviously, but the first thing is that, “he closed.

After telling that he has already started contacting current players and the Golden Generation and what did he have “a divine talk” with Facundo Campazzo, the Che He confirmed that the only insured member of the staff is Leonardo Gutiérrez and once again became hopeful and motivated by the challenge: “I am happy that it is a difficult mission. The correct path is always uphill, it is never flat. That motivates us for what is coming. “