The “Cavanidependencia” of Valencia is taking its toll on the table of positions

Six games of the last seven that Valencia has played without victories accumulate in the Spanish League.
The last against Villarreal
on December 31 where edinson cavani He scored again, but where it was not enough. He wasn’t even able to start up on the scoreboard because the Yellow Submarine turned him around.

It was a defeat against Mallorca, Barcelona and Villarreal, a draw against Elche, Seville and Real Sociedad and a single victory, against Betis. Very poor numbers for a team that aspired to more, but in which it was also clear that the Matador is leaving his mark.

In those last seven games, Valencia scored nine goals and more than half were converted by Edinson Cavani. In fact, there were five that the Uruguayan forward made, who also added an assist made in one of the games prior to this losing streak.

With those five goals, he is the club’s top scorer this season and is the one who participated in the most goals if one takes into account that he would reach six with the assist he provided against Osasuna. His numbers are good in relation to the expectations that existed and the number of expected goals proves it.

Expected Goals refers to the probability that a given shot will end in a goal. Since not all shots on goal are equal, it is assigned a value between 0.00 and 1.00 to reflect that probability. The models vary, but the characteristics that are usually taken into account are the distance to the goal, the angle with respect to it, the part of the body with which the shot is made and the type of assistance.

4.38 goals were expected from the Matador and with the one he scored against Villarreal he surpassed that mark reaching five, which shows that he is more current than ever, but that he needs to be accompanied so that the collective results are also given and improve the tenth position that today it occupies in the position table.

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The “Cavanidependencia” of Valencia is taking its toll on the table of positions