The Bucks win the NBA with their hearts in wrestling

1627156786 The Bucks win the NBA with their hearts in wrestling

Last Tuesday, the Milwaukee Bucks were proclaimed NBA champions for the first time in 50 years, beating the Phoenix Suns 4-2 in the Finals. A historic win for the Wisconsin team, with a Giannis Antetokounmpo that he was crowned and that shortly after he was named the MVP of the Finals.

So far, the typical chronicle of a team that has justly been proclaimed champion. However, there is a special and noteworthy detail in this equipment, and it is the manifest relationship the Bucks have shown to wrestling on numerous occasions. Both several players in particular and the dressing room itself as a whole.

Starting by Bobby portis. The Arkansas power forward proudly wore the NBA championship in subsequent celebrations when he could have it. But also, Portis lived the party accompanied by his personalized WWE champion belt, which sported the Milwaukee Bucks emblem.

A gift that came from Triple H, a common practice with several teams, as happened when Drew McIntyre’s Rangers were proclaimed Scottish Football League champions. However, the belt was intended for one player in particular, who is a declared fan of wrestling. And not just anybody, but Giannis Antetokounmpo himself.

The Greek has been more than once for several WWE live shows, as was the case with the Monday Night Raw of Christmas on December 25, 2017, sporting a replica of the Universal Championship. A figure of a team that has been able to make history. Some Bucks who, between basket and basket, enjoy wrestling like one more.

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