The Basketball Association held the official launch of the 2021 season

In the style of Madia Day and in the Plaza Merced, the APB summoned the delegations of the clubs to confirm the start of the tournament. “For us it is a great achievement that it is being played again, we hope they are aware of the care we must take,” said President Gustavo Ciuffo.

With prominent personalities from Pergamino basketball such as Ricardo Bojanich, Esteban Terzoli (member of the Municipality’s Sports Directorate), Miguel Santillán, Julián Pagura (DT of Pergamino Básquet), plus Gustavo Ciuffo (president of the APB) and company, this Thursday the The Pergaminense Basketball Association held the launch of the 2021 season in the Plaza Merced, which will be called “100 years of the Gymnastics and Fencing Club” and which will start with the dispute of four First Division matches.

“For us it is a great achievement that basketball is played again. We hope that all the clubs are aware of the care they must take and that we enjoy it,” Gustavo Ciuffo said to the delegations present. And he added: “The pandemic can no longer win us over, we are the ones who have to move forward and with the appropriate controls.”

Action returns

After 18 months of recess, this Friday night a new season of local basketball will start. The initial jump will take place precisely at the Gymnastics stadium, starting at 9:00 p.m., prior to the crossing that the homeowner will maintain against Sportivo Rojas. In addition, at the same time, Argentina will face Ricardo Gutiérrez de Arrecifes, Sports will face Alianza de Colón and Juventud will face Sirio Libanés. The programming will conclude on Monday, when at 9:00 p.m., Communications receives a visit from Círculo Italiano de Colón.

It should be noted that the new APB First Division tournament will present a new format due to lack of time to repeat the game system of previous years. The contest will be developed in two groups: Zone A: Argentino, Ricardo Gutiérrez, Gimnasia, Sportivo Rojas and Sirio Libanés; Zone B: Sports, Colón Alliance, Youth, Communications and Italian Circle.

The Regular Phase will be played on two wheels with one Interzonal per date. The winners of each group will have access to a Final Four that will take place at the Youth Stadium. The remaining eight teams will face a Play Off (quarter-finals and semi-finals) and the two winners of the “semis” will join the Final Four.