The Baby’O fire would have been caused by organized crime

(Photos: Twitter @hbdaoficial and @impactomich)

The fire that affected the iconic nightclub Baby’O, a benchmark for nightlife in Acapulco, it would not have been an accident derived from a “short circuit” as reported by the authorities, but actually it would be a direct attack by organized crime.

According to the information published by Javier Tejado Dondé, in his column on The universal, at 9:44 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29, first-level officials in Guerrero were informed by WhatsApp that, from a car parked outside the Baby’O -located in the coastal area of ​​the port-, Several people got out, beat the guard and entered with cans of gasoline which they sprinkled in the enclosure, and then set it on fire.

According to what was published by the lawyer, at the same time, the owner of Baby’O, Eduardo Cesarman, He also wrote messages to his relatives in which he confirmed the fact: “They poured gasoline and turned it on” (sic).

The fact represents a new escalation of violence in the port and in the state of Guerrero. And is that the fire of this emblematic place -which is located three blocks from the military naval zone- It happened the night before the new state mayors took office, including the new mayor of Acapulco, the morenista Abelina lopez.

Baby O (Photo: Instagram / @ babyoacapulco)
Baby O (Photo: Instagram / @ babyoacapulco)

The columnist stressed that on the same Wednesday some acts of brutal violence were reported on social networks, several of them uploaded on video, to send messages that there are new controllers of various places.

“What was done yesterday in Guerrero and the way it has spread it is a strategy to intimidate and send clear signals to authorities and the population. Of less, the authorities who left office, literally yesterday renounced their responsibilities in favor of the people and the rule of law. We will see in a few hours what those who have assumed the positions in Acapulco and other cities are doing this morning, “he wrote.

He, also a Master from Yale University, highlighted the fact that the authorities should thoroughly investigate what happened and not rule out any hypothesis.

“But his investigation starts out weak by revealing a result contrary to the communications between the authorities and the owner of the establishment,” he concluded.

Goodbye to the place that brought together politicians, businessmen and artists

(Photo: Instagram / @ babyoacapulco)
(Photo: Instagram / @ babyoacapulco)

The Baby’O, founded in 1976 by Eduardo Cesarman and Rafael Villafañe, It could be a total loss, because the fire consumed 60% percent of the place, according to the Heroic Fire Department of the port.

The nightclub was listed as one of the most important in the world – the Studio 54 in New York, which served as its main competition – it was consolidated as “the most exclusive in Mexico”, so much so that a selective dress code casual-formal that broke the traditional beach-party outfit of sandals, shorts and t-shirts.

His name was inspired by the Dean Martin song, “Baby-O”. Their motto: “There is only one Acapulco, there is only one Baby ‘O”; their policy: no one leaves the party until after 06:00 in the morning.

In this way, “la Baby” became the stage where important appointments met. characters from the Mexican and international scene such as Bono, Julio Iglesias, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jordan, Silvester Stallone or Luis Miguel.

It is known that “El Sol de México”, always in love with Acapulco, considered the place almost as his “second home” in the port, so he had a great camaraderie with the wait staff and bar tenders of the place, as well as a space assigned exclusively for him.