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The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 are upon us and, with them, the passion and expectation by a team that over the years has represented the country in the best possible way. The Argentine basketball team is synonymous with success, and it is clear that this goes far beyond the final result: there is a legacy that lasts over time and values ​​that allow it to compete beyond all circumstances, with a capacity for total representation. It is, as they say, a team that unites everyone, and whose history is rich from every point of view. So there we go in this preview of Tokyo 2020.

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We browse the Olympic Games database and search records, statistics, data, curiosities and more about the history of Argentina.

Clarification: rebounds and assists began to be counted in 1972, steals in 1980 and blocks in 1984.

Who scored the most points in a game?

The Argentine basketball team at the Olympic Games records statistics

One of the first questions that appear. And for the answer you have to look at one of the members of the current team. Yes, Luis Scola has the best scoring mark. Or rather, he shares it with someone also close to this team: Andrés Nocioni. Luifa was the first to score those 37 points, during the Beijing 2008 group stage against Russia, in a super efficient production: 12-16 doubles and 13-17 free, accompanied by 8 rebounds and 3 assists. Chapu, for his part, he did it in the remembered duel against Brazil in Rio 2016, with a huge 8-12 triples and dropping 11 rebounds in the epic double supplemental victory that secured a place in the quarterfinals.

The podium is completed by another of the pillars of the current team, Facundo Campazzo, with 33 goals also in that clash against the Brazilians in 2016.

The 5 best Argentine annotations in the Olympic Games.

  • Andres Nocioni: 37 points vs. Brazil, 8/13/2016
  • Luis Scola: 37 points vs. Russia, 8/18/2008
  • Facundo Campazzo: 33 points vs. Brazil, 8/13/2016
  • Manu Ginobili: 32 points vs. Iran, 8/16/2008
  • Luis Scola: 32 points vs. Lithuania, on 7/29/2012

Who provided the most assists in a game?

1626379377 125 The Argentine basketball team at the Olympic Games records statistics

Facu Campazzo Not only did Argentina get on the podium for the best Argentine scoring in the Games in that game against Brazil in 2016, but also jumped to the top in most assists in a game with the 11 he gave in that win, a game where symbolically (and also in practice) it could be seen as a step of command, taking over from the historic golds (Manu Ginobili was in that squad). That mark was higher than 10 that Pablo Prigioni gave against Russia in 2008.

The 5 best Argentine brands in assists in Olympic Games.

  • Facundo Campazzo: 11 assists vs. Brazil, 8/13/2016
  • Pablo Prigioni: 10 assists vs. Russia, 8/18/2008
  • Facundo Campazzo: 9 assists vs. United States, 8/17/2016
  • 7 productions of 8 assists: two of Manu Ginobili (8/14/2008 vs. Croatia and 8/4/2012 vs. Nigeria), two of Pablo Prigioni (7/31/2012 vs. France and 8/8/2012 vs. Brazil), Facundo Campazzo (8/9/2016 vs. Croatia), Juan Espil (7/30/1996 vs. South Korea) and Marcelo Milanesio (7/24/1996 vs. China)

Who had the most rebounds in a game?

1626379379 992 The Argentine basketball team at the Olympic Games records statistics

In this case there is quadruple tie between three players. Luis Scola was the first to do so, with 11 in the 2004 Athens final against Italy, and then repeated in the semi-finals of Beijing 2008 against the United States. In that same tournament but in the group stage, Fabricio Oberto also added 11 against Lithuania, while the last to join was Andrés Nocioni with 11 fell against Brazil in 2016.

The best Argentine brands in rebounds at the Olympic Games.

  • Luis Scola: 11 rebounds vs. Italy (8/28/2004) and vs. United States (8/22/2008)
  • Fabricio Oberto: 11 rebounds vs. Lithuania, 8/10/2008
  • Andres Nocioni: 11 rebounds vs. Brazil, 8/13/2016
  • 5 productions of 10 rebounds: 3 of Luis Scola (8/2/2012 vs. Tunisia, 8/13/2016 vs. Brazil and 8/17/2016 vs. United States), Carlos Delfino (8/24/2008 vs. Lithuania) and Manu Ginobili (7/29/2012 vs. Lithuania).

Who made the most triples in a game?

1626379379 250 The Argentine basketball team at the Olympic Games records statistics

Chapu, once again … That match against Brazil in Rio 2016 was not only historic for the result, development and final, but it also left several historical marks for Nocioni. Points, rebounds and also triples, with a spectacular 8-12 from long distance. Yes, the sum includes the dramatic bombshell that sent the match to supplementary. With that duel he equaled a mark that was 20 years old and was in the possession of the gunman Juan Espil, in Atlanta 1996.

The 5 best Argentine brands in triples at the Olympic Games.

  • Juan Espil: 8 triples (in 12 attempts) vs. South Korea, 7/30/1996
  • Andres Nocioni: 8 triples (in 12 attempts) vs. Brazil, 8/13/2016
  • Juan Espil: 6 triples (in 10 attempts) vs. China, 7/24/1996
  • Manu Ginobili: 6 triples (in 13 attempts) vs. Greece, 8/20/2008
  • Carlos Delfino: 6 triples (in 9 attempts) vs. Lithuania, on 7/29/2012

Who added the most robberies and plugs?

1626379380 717 The Argentine basketball team at the Olympic Games records statistics

Two names share the leadership in more recoveries of the ball in a match: Pablo Prigioni, who twice added 5 steals in a game (8/20/2008 vs. Greece and 8/24/2008 vs. Lithuania), and Facundo Campazzo, who also stole 5 balls against Nigeria, on 8/7/2016.

As to plugs, there is also shared leadership, this time between three with three tapas: Andrés Nocioni did it first, in the final of Athens 2004 against Italy, Luis Scola joined on 7/29/2012 against Lithuania, and a surprising name closes the list: Roberto Acuña, who did it against Croatia in Rio 2016.

Accumulated and individual historical leaders

1626379384 210 The Argentine basketball team at the Olympic Games records statistics

Yes, as expected, Luis Scola is the best of ours when it comes to scoring, with a total of 525 points over his four Olympic Games appearances.. In Tokyo he will be able to widen the difference with Manu Ginobili, whom he leads by two units. The podium completes it Chapu Nocioni, while Facundo Campazzo is in 8th place And it could go up a few notches depending on what I do in Tokyo.

Leaders of Argentina – Points
Player Points PJ Average Player Points PJ Average
Luis Scola 525 30 17.5 Fabricio Oberto 161 twenty-one 7.7
Manu Ginobili 523 29 18.0 Juan Espil 158 7 22.5
Andres Nocioni 354 30 11.8 Facundo Campazzo 132 14 9.4
Carlos Delfino 283 30 9.4 Ricardo Gonzalez 110 fifteen 7.3
Oscar furlong 176 fifteen 11.7 Juan Gazso 107 8 13.3

Campazzo, meanwhile, is on the assists podium and there is a chance of at least jumping to second place in Tokyo. Can he catch up with leader Manu Ginobili?

Leaders of Argentina – Assists
Player Assists PJ Average Player Assists PJ Average
Manu Ginobili 107 29 3.7 Carlos Delfino 35 30 1.1
Pablo Prigioni 76 14 5.4 Fabricio Oberto 33 twenty-one 1.5
Facundo Campazzo 61 14 4.3 Andres Nocioni 26 30 0.8
Luis Scola 49 30 1.6 Juan Espil 26 7 3.7
Marcelo Milanesio 42 7 6.0 Pepe Sanchez twenty-one 8 2.6

As to rebounds, the top 3 is also commanded by the historical Scola, Ginobili and Nocioni.

Leaders of Argentina – Rebounds
Player Bounces PJ Average Player Bounces PJ Average
Luis Scola 181 30 6.0 Ruben Wolkowyski 37 10 3.7
Andres Nocioni 149 30 4.9 Facundo Campazzo 36 14 2.6
Manu Ginobili 107 29 3.7 Juan Gutierrez 35 16 2.2
Carlos Delfino 91 30 3.0 Pablo Prigioni 3. 4 14 2.4
Fabricio Oberto 81 twenty-one 3.8 Juan Espil 26 7 3.7

How are the tables triples, steals and blocks?

Leaders of Argentina – Triples, steals and blocks
Player Triples Player Robberies Player Plugs
Manu Ginobili 62 Manu Ginobili 37 Andres Nocioni twenty-one
Carlos Delfino 48 Pablo Prigioni 32 Luis Scola fifteen
Andres Nocioni Four. Five Luis Scola 24 Manu Ginobili 7
Juan Espil 27 Carlos Delfino 2. 3 Fabricio Oberto 6
Facundo Campazzo twenty Andres Nocioni 2. 3 Carlos Delfino 4

Best collective brands

1626379385 337 The Argentine basketball team at the Olympic Games records statistics

  • Most points scored: 111 vs. Brazil, 8/13/2016
  • Fewer points scored: 34 vs. Cuba, 8/10/1948
  • More bounces: 41 vs. China, 8/19/2004
  • More assists: 29 vs. South Korea, 7/30/1996
  • More triples scored: 17 (in 42 attempts) vs. Brazil, 8/13/2016
  • More points received: 126 vs. United States, 8/6/2012
  • Less points received: 23 vs. Switzerland, 8/2/1948

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