The 76ers announce the construction of a new stadium

The Philadelphia 76ers have announced today the project for the construction of a new stadium near the city center. It will be called 76 Place and the works will begin in 2028, estimating 2031 as the final date of the construction that will cost around 1,300 million dollars. To carry it out, the franchise has created an associated company called Devcorp 76 with David Adelman at the helm of operations.

The Sixers have played their home games at the Wells Fargo Center since 1996. This is located south of the city in a huge area dedicated to sports stadiums that it shares with the Lincoln Financial Field football (Eagles) and the Citizens Bank Park baseball (Phillies). In addition to a leisure center for fans. The point of bringing the new stadium to the central fashion district is to bring the team closer to the epicenter of the city with all that this implies economically and socially.

Josh Harris, owner of the team, speaks about it. “As an institution we have a thick history of supporting the community. This is why we want to build a first-class stadium in the heart of the city. A pavilion of our own that strengthens our ties with the community through investments that prioritize equality, inclusivity and accessibility.”

With this proclamation, the businessman has ensured that the project will generate 1,900 million in production and will employ up to 9,000 people. Once built, the figures will be around 400 million and 1,000 jobs per year. At the moment, dimensions, capacity or specific characteristics that the facilities will have are unknown. In principle, this would mean no longer sharing a stadium with the Flyers, a hockey team whose owner also owns part of the Wells Fargo Center.

(Cover photo by Doug Pensinger/Allsport)

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The 76ers announce the construction of a new stadium