Terror in painting

The game started stalled at 5 × 5, where both teams had a hard time putting the ball down and attacking the hoop. Paysa had a better start when it came to counterattacking and had Crócano generating good chances from his posting. The falls of Grolla and a triple by De Gouveía, leveled a first quarter of strong defenses, which led the local, 12-9.

The trend was maintained in the first five minutes of the second, where the bombs seemed to be the only option against a parked defense. Paysandú got to take up to 8 of advantage, but sinned to enter very quickly in groups and the W, with offensive rebounds, began to bring it. A bomb from De Gouveia near the end confirmed the reaction, leaving Parque Rodó’s only 3 points behind, entering halftime (24-21).

Welcome followed along at the start of the second half, loading the bass with Grolla and Newsome. With the streak, the visit was enlarged and after a triple from Taboada, he found his best playing circuits. Paysandú played his percentages against the zone, with low results and on the other hand, Xavier’s were a concert of extra passes to open 17 units, with a resounding 26-6. Cabrera unblocked the curse with a triple, but the Emilio Frugoni street man continued to swell his points in the paint and led 47-34 at the end of the third quarter.

Rosas joined the task of points in the painting, with which the W recovered 17. When history seemed doomed, a double and a foul by Juan Modernell woke up at the head of Paysa and from there, added a new triple and together with another from Cabrera, the one on Emilio Raña Street, he got to 8 in the blink of an eye. After a minute of Xavier, Newsome gave air to his team with a 2 + 1 and then, three free ones by Taboada gave the advantage of 14 to Parque Rodó again. Paysa came out to do the rest and with lethal pressure from Álvarez in the front row, he once again held onto the game, adding the disqualification of Cristian Modernell. Arellano and Juan Modernell contributed more bombings against the zone, with which Silveira’s men went to 5 with free. El Bicho took a technique in the incidence and a free outside of Martinis, he left the difference as it was. Izarrualde sent two free games inside, forcing the local to release pressure throughout the field. Welcome got away in a good way from it and managed to get the ball to the bass, to finish sentencing the actions of a goat game. Triumph by 68-60, with which he became the only leader of the tournament, in three disputed dates.

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Terror in painting