Team by team: this is how the teams of the Uruguayan Basketball League are formed

SEASON 2021-22

Review each of the players from the 14 institutions that will start this week on the road to the most important title in local basketball.

The 2021-2022 edition of the Uruguayan Basketball League It will be the nineteenth of the tournament and it will have the presence of 14 teams, two of them debutants in this contest such as Olivol Mundial and Urupan.

The form of dispute will have a first instance with a regular phase on two wheels all against all in a local and visitor regime. At the end of that qualifier, the top four in the table will advance directly to the quarterfinals.

Teams between fifth and twelfth place will compete in a playin to occupy the remaining four places in the quarterfinals. The last two of the regular season will be relegated to Metro 2022. The playoffs in the quarters and semis will be the best of five games and the finals will be the best of seven.


Last season’s winner, who will debut Diego Cal as a coach, strengthened himself well and will fight tooth and nail to achieve the two-time championship. To achieve this objective, it will count among its major chips with Santiago Vidal, Iván Loriente, Alex López, Diego Pena García and Martín Rojas. The unnamed of the Pato de Villa Biarritz will be the Americans Donald Sims, Anthony Jhonson, Victor Rudd and João Vitor França, from Brazil (they can play three). To complete the squad, Cal will have at his disposal the Under 23s, Hernán Álvarez, Nicolás Andreoli, Manuel Saavedra and Guillermo Feijó.


Aguada has a great goal and it is to achieve his eleventh crown to celebrate the 100 years of the club in a big way. And for that it will have Leandro García Morales, Mathías Calfani, Federico Bavosi, Federico Pereiras and Sebastián Izaguirre as major chips. It will also have Argentine Marcos Mata and Americans Tyreek Duren and Jarvis Varnado. Agustín Ramírez, Joaquín Silveira, Lucas Silva, Juan Stoll and Gabriel Brun will be the Sub 23 of the rojiverde.

Official coat of arms of Nacional.  Credit: @Nacional

The current vice-champion of the Uruguayan Basketball League will do everything possible to go one step further this season and for that, coach Leonardo Zylbersztein will have Manuel Romero, Mauro Zubiaurre, Santiago Moglia, Emiliano Bastón and Johnatan Sacco as senior chips. The unnamed tricolor will be Quincy Miller, Charles Hinckel and Johandre Jefferson. As Under 23s, Pierino Rusch, Martín Larrea, Lautaro Pérez, Patricio Prieto, Ignacio Juárez, Santiago Corbo and Juan Berta will be part of the tricolor team.


The aurinegro will have Pablo López as coach and Diego García, Salvador Zanotta, Nicolás Borsellino, Martín Aguilera and Diego Soarez as major chips. The unnamed will be Americans Lee Roberts, Johnathan Flowers and DeAndre Liggins, while the Under 23 players will be Mateo Giano, Gianfranco Espíndola, Leandro García Morandi, Natanael Rodríguez, Antonio Núñez, Guillermo Finocchietti and Santiago Freitas.


Older files: Demian Álvarez, Claudio Bascou, Juan Wenzel, Martín Perdomo, Nahuel Amicchetti.

Unnamed: Davaunta Thomas, Paul Harrison, Jhon Dickson.

Sub 23: Federico Peinado, Emiliano Bonet, Bruno Massoni, Matías Acosta, Juan Canil, Santiago Bancoff.

League 2021: He hit the bump and eliminated Aguada in the round of 16. In the quarterfinals he was eliminated with Olimpia.

Defender Sporting

Older files: Marcos Cabot, Gustavo Barrera, Alejandro Acosta, Gonzalo Álvarez and Fernando Verrone.

Unnamed: Damián Tintorelli, Leonardo Lema, and Ignacio Alessio.

Sub 23: Xavier Cousté, Nicolás Pereyra, Mateo Bianchi and Guzmán Vasilich.

Liga 2021: Played the quarterfinals against Nacional and fell by the wayside after a 2-0 aggregate in favor of the tricolor in the playoff series.


Older files: Martín Osimani, Fernando Martínez, Joaquín Osimani, Mauricio Arregui.

Unnamed: Franco Giorgetti, Nestor Colmenares, and Jonathan Ocasio.

Sub 23: Felipe Rodríguez, Nahuel Lemos, Sebastián Sosa, Ignacio Xavier and Santiago Pérez.

League 2021: The missionary played the round of 16 and lost that playoff series with a 2-1 aggregate against Peñarol.


Older files: Facundo Terra, Juan Galletto, Gastón Semiglia, Miguel Barriola, Esteban Batista.

Unnamed: Billy White, Gerard Devaughn, Gokul Natesan.

Sub 23: Manuel Oyenard, Federico Ambrosoni, Agustín Godoy, Facundo Barrios, Iván Da Roza, Camilo Alfaro.

League 2021: The Maccabee reached the round of 16 but fell to Malvín in that key with a 2-0 aggregate in the playoffs.


Older chips: Juan Santiso, Federico Haller, Fausto Pomoli, Kiril Wachsmann.

Unnamed: Josh Wise, Emmitt Holt, Anthony Hilliard.

Sub 23: Nicola Pomoli, Lucas Capalbo, Felipe Serdio, Felipe Martínez, Pedro Mendive, Nicolás Martínez.

League 2021: The beach player reached the quarterfinals, where with a 2-0 aggregate he was eliminated with Bigua, who was later champion.


Older files: Juan Viana, Abel Agarbado, Brian García, Nicolás Catalá, Pablo Macanskas.

Unnamed: Ivan Basualdo and Charlie Marquardt.

Sub 23: Tiago Leites, Mateo Dogliotti, Joaquín Núñez, Iván Decena, Nahuel Cattaneo, Gerónimo Soria.

League 2021: Those of the Colón Dome reached the semis of the tournament and in that instance they fell 3-0 with Biguá.

Olivol World

Older files: Diego Álvarez, Ángel Varela, Christian Pereira, Santiago Wohlwend, Alfonso Arrillaga.

Unnamed: Anthony Danridge, Justin Pierce, Pedro Ianguas, Torin Washington.

Sub 23: Joaquín Dios, Leandro Zapata, Juan De Cola, Tomás Araújo, Ignacio Digiorgi, Nicolás Fernández, Agustín Caldas.

Promotion: Olivol will play the Uruguayan League for the first time after being promoted from Metro 2020.


Older files: Manuel Mayora, Federico Soto, Gonzalo Iglesias, Santiago Massa.

Unnamed: Kene Chukwuka, Conner Toocson, Justin Leon.

Sub 23: Santiago Fernández, Guillermo Curbelo, Pablo Gómez, Martín Tessadri, Martín Anstrankas, Diego Martínez, Santiago Tucuna.

League 2021: Red played the round of 16 and was eliminated with Defensor Sporting.

Urunday University

Older files: Germán Silvarrey, Andrés Dotti, Nicolás Delgado, Agustín Da Costa, Facundo Medina.

Unnamed: Corbin Jackson, Justin Jackson, Tanksley Efianayi.

Sub 23: Joaquín Scaletti, Giovanni Corbisiero, Gonzalo Gonzalvo, Felipe Satut, Marcos Geller, Ignacio Morena, Bruno Curadoss.

League 2021: The Prado scholar reached the semis and fell in that instance with Nacional.


Older files: Mateo Suárez, Mateo Sarni, Hernando Cáceres, Martin Trelles, Sebastián Otonello.

Unnamed: Brandon Boggs, Antonio Bivins, and Zygimantas Riauka.

Sub 23: Facundo Yaquinta, Guillermo Burgueño, Santiago Laluz, Matías González, Felipe García, Rodrigo Iriarte, Nicolás Linares, Pedro, Sansone, Gabriel Martínez.

Promotion: Will play the Uruguayan League for the first time.

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