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In its more than one hundred years of existence, RCD Mallorca had not received a hit of the magnitude and background of the starring current owner Robert Sarver. The report of the American television network ESPN on racist and sexist behavior of the also owner of the Phoenix Suns has shaken the foundations of the franchise and has left his football club very touched.

The club has seen surreal episodes starring presidents and owners who, before the Sarver scandal, made fans and the majority of island society blush. What is happening in recent days leaves them in the category of anecdote. Sarver has made everyone good. The accusations leveled at the Arizona millionaire have nothing to do with management, but they do enter fully into issues of human values ​​and behaviors that have exposed the other side of the founder of the Bank of Arizona.

The property does not care about its 16,000 subscribers or owning the institution that receives the most public money.


While in Phoenix a popular uprising has been organized against Sarver, demanding that he sell the franchise and leave public life, in Mallorca all parties, starting with the club, are silent. Neither the president, a personal friend of Sarver, has appeared in any of the institution’s official media to date. Personally, given the seriousness of the accusations, I am still waiting for a press conference from Andy Kohlberg in Son Moix, something that has no prospect of happening.

We must settle for a statement issued through the basketball team’s social networks where he supports his friend and partner as if they believe that Mallorca is outside the area of ​​influence of the scandal. Perhaps they have managed, because of how rugged the accusations are, that the tweeter influencers shut up and look the other way. Something that makes the submission to the club very clear and, on the other hand, its lack of values ​​interested in Sarver’s dollars.

Innocent or sale

What they have failed to avoid is that the affair is present in the local media, being the cover and reasons for analysis, with a suspicious exception. A good grassroots Majorcanist but with important political and business contacts was clear and forceful: “This game is being played by Sarver in the United States, it is a long way off for most subscribers, but the NBA investigation will be key.”

Without a doubt, if convicted, no one will be able to stand in profile and Sarver will not be able to return to Son Moix making his way the last chapter of this unpleasant crisis that will go through the sale of the SAD. The silence of the property, ignoring and without offering an explanation of what is happening, confirms that they are not occupied or worried about the 16,000 paying customers, nor the fact that they are owners of the institution with the most followers on the island that receives the most public money of the Bell Visit Mallorca for being a tourist image. There are too many silences that are beginning to be suspicious, right?

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Suspicious silences – TTdeporte