Super team

It took a minute and a half for the orange to touch the Romeo Schinca nets, after Pernas’ tray. Both teams did not start well at all, several hasty pitches and poorly taken shots were the keynote of the first four minutes (5-5). Little by little they warmed up their hands, Pablo Gómez assumed the offensive in Stockolmo while Medina placed a bombshell for the Indio, who stood out with Pernas. He was curious that Tabaré did not play the ball with Alessio at the post, who by centimeters and kilos had an advantage over Gómez and Abdala. So with a very good defense, great collective game with Gómez, Danridge and Pereyra as figures and they went five up, 21-16 the first boy.

The second quarter started better for those led by Gonzalo Fernández, defensive intensity added to good minutes from Giano and the entry of Pereira, those from Parque Batlle unknown behind and without ideas ahead, so Stockolmo opened eight, 26-18 and Palacios asked for time. For the return of the same Tabaré he looked much more for Alessio, who also picked up the garbage near the rim and became huge (11 points and 13 rebounds) and narrowed to four, 30-26. The blues found air with a bomb from kid Leandro Rodríguez, but Taboada appeared with solutions for his own. Finally Stockolmo went to the long break with a difference of five, 37-32.

The Prado men came out better, one by one and with a tremendous ERA from beyond 6.75 and opened a maximum, 43-34. Tabaré grew from the hand of Oyenard, Alessio and Medina placed a quick 6-0, but the main deficiency of the Indio was in defense, he was very weak, Tony and Giano took advantage of it to open again nine of 50-41 difference. Palacios stopped his team in a zonal defense to be able to run the court better, becoming strong from the rebound, this was taken advantage of by his leaders from the hand of Cabillón, who dressed as a superhero leading with 10 units the 15-1 partial that put the His to pass on the scoreboard (56-51) at the end, with Pereyra free the blind was lowered 56-53 for Tabaré.

The final ten minutes started better for Stockolmo, he closed his basket well, played the offenses intelligently with Nico Pereyra and Gómez as the main banners and in just over two minutes he put a furious 7-0 to pass (60-56). Tabaré never lowered his arms, Oyenard, Medina appeared and a match was made goal for goal, both teams exchanged on the scoreboard. The parity reigned in the last minutes, with some nervousness, Stockolmo moved the ball well with Danridge and Pereyra on the other hand, Taboada and Alessio played the high / low with good results. In the absence of 46 seconds the Prado were up 69-67. Taboada had a chance to match the actions, but the ball kissed the glass, flirted with the hoop and came out. The rebound went to Azul, Gómez to the line and one of two. Taboada again looked for the quick goal of three for equal and did not want to enter, Tony sealed the victory for Stockolmo by final figures of 72-67.

The Prado team did their homework, they can aspire to get among the four best, Tabaré has to see how he accommodates if he has an advantage or not, in short, both will be pending at BT gps.