Summer basketball is on


n full swing is the qualifying phase of the summer basketball championship organized by Croatian Sokol.

The all-competitor contest, which brings together twelve men’s and four women’s teams, began last week in the club’s gym and has managed to excite the players and the public in this return of the traditional summer event after two years. The last edition was held in January and February 2020, shortly before the pandemic forced the suspension of all activities in mid-March of that year.


Below are all the results that have been recorded in the first phase of the tournament:

Monday 10

Banc Porvenir 78 – Ajax 41 (men).

Bishop Transports 68 – Gunmen 60 (males).

Tuesday 11

Final 83 – Phoenix 44 (men).

Team JC 85 – Team Croatia “B” 35 (men).

Wednesday 12

Gunmen 67 – Patagonas 40 (ladies).

Air Express 80 – Phoenix 45 (men).

Thursday 13

Bishop 54 Transports – Team JC 42 (men).

Spanish 62 – Magazine Express 53 (ladies).

friday 14

Final 64 – Civil Works 54 (men).

Team Croatia “B” 62 – Banc Porvenir 51 (men).

Saturday 15

Magazine Express 60 – Patagonian 40 (ladies).

Spanish 57 – Gunmen 51 (ladies).

Gunmen 69 – Ajax 39 (men).

Team Croatia “A” 89 – Transportes JQ 58 (men).


The men’s competition contemplates two qualifying groups to a wheel. The first four of each will advance to the quarterfinals and then form direct elimination brackets to determine the finalists. There will also be a definition for third place.

Group A”: Air Express Cargo, Civil Works, Team Croatia “A”, Fénix, Transportes JQ and Inal.

B Group”: Pistoleros, Ajax, Team Croatia “B”, Banc Porvenir, Transportes Bishop and Team JC.

In ladies, four casts participate (Pistoleros, Magazzine Express, Patagonas and Español), facing two wheels all against all and the first two will dispute the final.



19.15: Air Express Cargo – Transportes JQ (men).

21.00: Team Croatia “B” – Transportes Bishop (men).


19.15: Civil Works – Fénix (men).

21.00: Ajax – Team JC (men).

Wednesday 19

19.15: Patagonia – Spanish (ladies).

21.00: end – Team Croatia “A” (men).

Within the framework of Phase 3 of the Step-by-Step Plan, all people who enter the Sokol gym must do so by presenting an up-to-date Mobility Pass, in addition to respecting the usual sanitary measures and protocols.

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Summer basketball is on