Somiseros and dribblers prevailed tonight in their respective semifinal duels and tomorrow Wednesday they will define the title of the tournament “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio” of the First local at the “Socios Fundadores” stadium, where the Final Four takes place. The locals beat Defensores by 90 to 64 in the first turn, while at the end of the game, Náutico beat Belgrano by 84 to 71 in the classic.

The classic was for Regatas. DANIEL DORADO / THE NORTH

The decisive match of the competition will start at 9:00 p.m. They will reissue the 2019 definition. On that occasion the somiseros won, who will go for their seventh championship. The dribbles, meanwhile, will seek the ninth in the history of the category.

Somisa and Regatas will meet in the finals for the sixth time in 2016 to date, with a celebration up to here by those from the ribera and four of the somiseros, who will go for their seventh championship. The dribbles, meanwhile, will seek the ninth in the history of the category. Previously, starting at 7:00 p.m., Belgrano and Defensores will play for third place.

The day on Tuesday began with the triumph of Somisa, who in a performance with ups and downs beat Defensores, who completed a more than decent role (while he had energy and effectiveness, he remained in the game). Much more if one takes into account that at the very start of the game he lost two of his starters through injury, Antonio Natalini and Leandro Saavedra.

Even so, he presented opposition for three quarters to his rival. What’s more, Somisa just got ahead in the scorecard at the end of the first period thanks to a triple by Manuel Rodríguez. And he was affirmed at the command of the result thanks to a partial of 18-0 that he completed in the following segment. In the third, the Garnet returned to the fight (being 38-48 down), but from there Somisa already asserted his greater hierarchy and replacement and ended up winning it by the maximum difference of the night.

The winner’s scorer was the point guard Santiago Calderón with 17 points (1-2 in doubles, 3-4 in triples and 6-8 in free). For his part, internal Gerónimo Rausch 12, plus 8 rebounds and 2 caps, while Federico Pascual contributed 11 (+9 rebounds) and Ramiro Cruz 10. In Defensores, the contribution of Bruno Castonjáuregui stood out, author of 27 points (10- 23 on court shots). The guard was well accompanied by Agustín Porta with 16 (6-9 in doubles, 1-2 in triples and 1-5 in free).


Somisa 90
Defenders 64

Referees: A. Barbich-A. Ferrari-I. Petroni
Partial: 18-15, 26-11, 17-19, 29-19

Somisa (90): Calderón 17, Lete 4, Pérez Douthat 4, Rausch 12, Dentis 9 (fi), M. Rodríguez 8, Cruz 10, N. Rodríguez 7, Pascual 11, Brovarone 3, Valentini 6, Parigini 0. DT: Nicolás Arámburu.
Defenders (64): Natalini 0 (les.), Castonjauregui 27, F. Porta 2, A. Porta 16, Saavedra 0 (les.) (Fi), Trachiti 9 (x), Pasciullo 2, Scianca 2, Mozzi 4, Ayala 0, Añasco 2 DT: Martín Blanco.

Belgrano 71
Regattas 84

Referees: E. Valente-M. Petroni-M. Arribas
Partial: 21-18, 8-22, 18-18, 24-26

Belgrano (71): Vercelli 0 (x), Cionco 17, Delon 11 (x), Calcaterra 10, Núñez 20 (x) (fi), Easterling 4, Maffei 0, Alimena 4, Prediger 5. DT: Ariel Amarillo.
Regattas (84): López 22, V. Ingrata 10 (x), P. Rodríguez 6, Andollo 13 (x), Mena 18 (fi), Felicetti 4, Noguera 2, Lupinucci 9, J. Manzano 0. Pablo Dastugue.

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Somisa did not have too many problems to overcome Defenders. DANIEL DORADO / THE NORTH