Sokol has its basketball party in minor series

Che success is developing the minor series basketball tournament organized by Croatian Sokol and which takes place in the gymnasium of the institution.

Teams from cadets and children’s categories participate in the event, both men and women. “We have been in competition for almost two months. The championship is played on two wheels all against all in each category and we also have a mini series with recreational games, ”said Andrés Bradasic, president of the club’s basketball branch.

He stressed that the activity has been developed with great enthusiasm on the part of the small competitors and has been a very good alternative “so that the boys can practice basketball.”

Along these lines, he stressed that “it has also been a way of helping the Basketball Association in this task, since it has not had a gym to develop the minor series championships.”

Let us remember that the gymnasium of the Sports Confederation, the usual basketball venue, is not available because it is leased to the Ministry of Health.


Bradasic explained that next week four games will be played that will close the qualifying phase and define the positions to determine the finalists in each category and the teams that will go through the secondary positions. The finals will take place on Sunday, January 9.

Meanwhile, Francisco Fernández, Sokol’s cadet and children’s coach, announced the most recent results that have been recorded in the contest. They are as follows:

Cadets ladies

5th date

Spanish 55 Inacap 27.

Umag 20 – Sokol 18

6th date

Inacap 81 – Umag 26.

Spanish 86 – Sokol 24.

Male cadets

5th date

Umag 63 – Sokol 51.

Children boys

5th date

Spanish 39 – Sokol 20

6th date

Inacap 39 – Cordenap 24.

Spanish 72 – Umag 13

Kids ladies

6th date

Inacap 41 – Sokol 34

Spanish 44 – Spanish 9.

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Sokol has its basketball party in minor series