So are the Champagne T-shirts

From the first moment, both teams showed their defensive qualities to contain their rivals. In Bohemios all the balls passed through Pierina Rossi and from there all the attacks of the brown women were built. The shirts tried to break the area proposed by those led by Matías Gallo and in those attempts Carolina Fernández took advantage of the spaces generated and hurt with her outside shot. As the minutes went by, Sabino Bello’s iron defense over Rossi ended up causing errors in driving and a drought in scoring. The entry of Paula Fernández into Juan Pablo Serdio’s team added speed and courage to play under the rim and thus take the first quarter 24 to 4.

In the complement of the first half, Malvín maintained regularity and found his main offensive weapon in the triples. Agustina Aceredo and Fernanda Midaglia joined the T-shirt feast and the rent was on the rise. Bohemios needed more than 3 minutes to find the goal again and despite attempts to reverse the situation, Pierina’s discomfort in the game was so great that absolutely nothing came of it. Malvín tried to break the game in a more forceful way and for that he bet on the inside game of Florencia Somma. Fernández’s re-entry was accompanied by more bombs that led the game to the long break with Malvín leading 47-14.

After the stoppage the shirts kept their foot on the accelerator and it was Fiorella Martinelli who joined the explosive night from the outside with two triples in a row. As the minutes went by, Bohemios was still lost in the game rectangle and despite attempts to reverse history, nothing could change the development of the game. The beach supremacy was getting bigger and bigger and collectively they were being surpassed minute by minute. The Marronas appealed to cut to the basket and look for fouls to go to the line and improved despite entering the last period with a partial victory for Malvín by 76 to 30.

The last period served to comply with the regulation. Malvín kept his foot on the accelerator despite the changes in the squad while Bohemios gave minutes to his second row of the squad. The important losses of Daniela Tovagliari and Aranzazu Sureda in the brown ones cost them very expensive and the shirts with a great performance of their entire squad ended up clasping the game 103 to 41.