Smells like champion in Arizona

Arizona has five more chances to win two games and its goal will be to steal one at Fiserv Forum.

Winning game two of the Finals gave the Suns 89 percent chance of being champions of the NBA, according to the statistics for teams that go two to zero in the best-of-seven series, and are going to win the title perhaps as quickly as next week.

To say that they are going to sweep is to get on the train with excess courage. Chris paulbut they do have everything to win a game in Milwaukee and coming home next Saturday to close work and lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy for the first time in their history.

This was demonstrated in the first eight quarters that we have seen, losing only three of them by a maximum of three points (quarters, four and one, respectively) and repeating the dose of 118 total points to their rival, which leaves no doubt as to what superior they have been.

The key in broad strokes has been his movement of the ball to involve all the starters, who average well above the double scoring digits, with the exception of Jae crowder, and maintain your sense of urgency on defense to limit the Bucks cast and make the monstrous performance of Giannis Antetokounmpo stay only anecdote.

If we analyze it in detail, the way to gain an advantage in guard duels is what makes the Suns Such favorites by now, because both Paul and Devin Booker have maintained their consistency and each has been overwhelming in a game, surpassing the 30-point barrier and attending in great volume, without reaching the staff on the other side to limit them.

This Thursday, Jrue Holiday changed his main assignment from Booker to CP3, and although he lowered his productivity from 32 to 23 points, he barely managed to get him to have one less assist, giving the other side an open door for Booker to take whatever he wanted, especially a couple of his seven. triples early in the fourth quarter that extinguished any comeback attempt.

Now will come the answer of the Bucks And the natural thing is that they win this Sunday’s game at home, but regardless of whether they manage to put the series 1-2, the important thing is what kind of adjustments they make to put the Suns in real problems that Monty williams may not resolve throughout the series, perhaps be more aggressive against Deandre ayton and take it out for fouls before the loss of Dario Saric and the injury of Torrey Craig.

It honestly looks very difficult for Miwaukee, simply because the Suns have proven to be a better team. and because their individualities have not been up to the task to constantly hurt a defense that gives you nothing, with the exception of Giannis who on Thursday broke the mark for the most points in a quarter in the Finals in 25 years.

Arizona has five more chances to win two games and its goal will be to steal one in Fiserv Forum, if they succeed, it will be time to put the champagne to cool and officially celebrate the most constant team of the NBA in the last two seasons, the one with the best record of all since returning to the game after the pandemic.