Silver-flavored Victoria

Aguada dated: Analia Martinez, Sofía Herrera, Romina Bello, Kelly Orejuela and Antonia Basualdo. For its part, Yale did it with: Sofia Podesta, Mariana Lema, Mariangel Santana, Victoria Lara, and Cinthia Mott.

The first quarter started lively and entertaining, both casts proposed their style of play. Sofía Herrera after a great assistance from Antonia Basualdo opened the scoring, after several minutes where the cast of Jacinto Vera had a hard time converting and adapting to what was raised by Aguada, Victoria Lara equalized the actions. The game changed with the entry of Melisa Techera, it was ordered in defense and it was very important, however, a triple from Sofia Herrera and a quick response from Sofía Podestá made the match win in emotion. Aguada played better and was able to get an income from seven. Those of Jacinto Vera with Lema and Podestá reduced but Aguada went up with a triple by Basualdo 20-14.

Yale in the second ten minutes, modified the defensive attitude, stole the ball in the front row, ran the court and made it 6-0 to equalize. Aguada found no answers and was inclined to modify the defensive part, his main deficit and planted himself in zone 2-3, for his part in offense Analia Martínez stood out who was clear of three, freer of Kelly Orejuela, they opened rent of five . The triples began to fall in the CEFUBB, first Victoria Lara hit and quickly from the corner Antonia Basualdo responded so that the aguateras go to the long break with a 38-36 triumph.

The third quarter was the shortest and they went a lot to the line. The intensity with which it was played, raised both banks with protests towards the judges, who painted when it was necessary to whistle and took it well to the match. Aguada game genre based on Orejuela, who always had a pass option. Yale had trouble defending his painting and those on Avenida San Martín made him notice by moving the ball around the perimeter and looking down. Joel Pose admitted Camila Castro who added intensity to the defense. On the other hand, Rodrigo Briñon asked for a minute, corrected, gave Techera rest, and on the court he left a lower team to press up, successfully narrowing the margin on the scoreboard. However, the entry of Rocío Mott gave air to the aguateras, who stole two consecutive balls and scored easily and went up 57-39.

Those led by Joel Pose were in control of the game, but the pressure proposed by Yale quickly paid off, making it 14-2 in the blink of an eye. Santana, Lara, Podestá and Lema appeared to shake up the game. Yale got to six heading into the end of the match. Aguada ahead “was lost” the pressure completely annulled them, they made the wrong way and made mistakes in hot moments. The game decidedly changed its course, Yale grew in the game since with Lara’s free games he equalized the game at 59 with four minutes remaining. The closing was quite short, some bad executions, tough defenses, so the match ended level at 67-67.

In overtime they played more with intensity than with a cool head. Both casts ran the court and the balance took a long time to arrive. Aguada from Mott was better and Yale searched with Lara. After a few minutes of lost balls, the aguateras kept the ball with the clock in their favor and closed the match 73-72 by establishing themselves in the Silver Cup.

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Silver-flavored Victoria