Serious incidents in El Metro: Stockolmo fans attacked Olivol leaders with stones and iron

The game they played on Monday night Stockholm and Olivol World for the Reclassification round ended in serious incidents Y three people injured on the side of Olivol Mundial.

Yes ok the game was played without fans of Olivol Mundialon the Stockolmo court, that was not an impediment so that at the end of the game a attack by a faction of the Stockolmo supporters on the leaders of Olivol who went to the field. The match was won by Stockolmo 71-67.

Carlos Caldas, a member of the fiscal commission of the Olivol Mundial board, was one of the 28 enabled by list to enter the party.

“We played without fans because when we played in the first round we decided that Stockolmo fans should not come based on incidents that occurred in recent years. And Stockolmo adopted the same measure in reciprocity,” Caldas told Referee.

“We were 12 people, including three women from a list of 28 completed by the coaching staff, the players and the kinesiologist. When the game started, there was the rival bias, normal people who entered with a ticket, a ticket that today is personalized because it is sold through Tickantel. With those 50 or 60 people there were no problems. But when a few minutes of the game passed, before the first five minutes, about 20 people entered, young people, quite disrespectful. Y the one who brought them in was the president of Stockolmo, down the side of the field. They got behind the board and started with aggressive and provocative songs. But not much cut was given to that. The match went normally until in the last seconds they beat us by four and it seemed that nothing was going to happen. But when the players go out, they make them go out the front door and security tells us to go out the back door. when we go back, they open the gate for us and at the same time they open the main gate for the local fans for them to come out on their own. As they are exits that are not very far, they ran and They arrived with stones and iron so we had to go back. We locked the gate from the inside and got into the court. But kicks beat him and they came in to attack us,” Caldas said.

“Three people were injured. I come from the Police Station where they gave us a pass to the forensic because someone was injured face of a stone In addition, an internal security officer was injured ankle with another stone,” he added.

“On the field there was security from the two teams that prevented the fans from advancing, but anything could happen, they entered with spiked sticksThey looked like table legs that were broken, but it was a weapon,” Caldas said.

“Fortunately Five or six patrol cars arrived and dispersed them and they left; that’s what happened. It was not an event that ended up more serious because they could not reach anyone with those weapons with which they made those gestures that are seen when there are prison duels with cuts,” said the leader of Olivol Mundial.

Caldas recalled that in 2015, the Stockolmo fans went with white granite stones, taken from the steps of the Hotel del Prado, to attack the fans of Olivol Mundial on the field located on Millán street. “They broke windows of the club and cars; incredibly, they even broke the truck of a player from Stockolmo himself, Daniel Rivero.”

“In 2012 I was working at the controller’s table and they attacked me with pipes from the railings, they cut my legs. I could only cover my face with a bench when I fell to the floor and ended up hospitalized,” he recalled.

“We don’t have problems with them, I’ve been in basketball for 30 years and I have many friends from Stockolmo. On Friday I was at a meal with former Stockolmo players who told me that they don’t go to the club anymore because they can’t be with the current president; and that is contemporary with them,” added Caldas.

“We made the criminal complaints until 3 in the morning. On Tuesday night we will present a letter to the Federation detailing all the events that occurred; there were no Federation officials, but I calculate that they will call the FUBB personnel who worked at the door. These people must be eradicated from basketball, that’s why We are going to ask Stockolmo to give the names because if they make them enter they have to know the names and if there are cameras they would have to identify themselves,” he concluded.

Andrés De Palma, president of Stockolmo, denied in dialogue with Referee that has opened the door to fans to make them enter without entry.

Together with another leader, De Palma personally went to the Olivol Mundial club to apologize of the events that occurred: “It really got out of hand,” he acknowledged.

He did not find leaders of the rival club. He called one on the phone and told him that he received the apologies but that until the facts were clarified he was not going to accept them.

“I understand that because if false things are said As we let people in without fans, solutions are hindered,” he declared.

“We understand that really there were things that overcame us, but what happened was far from being something that was consensual or consensual. Yes, there was responsibility on our part, that certain controls were passed, that there were overflows and that they are unfortunate facts. Therefore, understanding our responsibility, we went to apologize personally,” De Palma said.

“As an institution we had to apologize. Sonsol used to say that incidents in basketball are set up by those who lose. This time Stockolmo opened the back door for people from Olivol to come out and I don’t know what triggered it all, but when we tried to contain them, some people from Stoclolmo broke the resistance and left on the main street. I don’t know what happened in the street, they broke a gate, there was broken glass in the club. The people from Olivol went back in. Then the police arrived and it ended Luckily, people left without great things to regret. I know that there were bumps in that start, but I don’t want to go into details because I’m not 100% sure of what happened,” De Palma said.

“If you count the gurises that participate in the mess there are not 50, they were 20-25 gurises. In the game there were insults but within the normal, unfortunately normal. I don’t know what triggered us to go outside and look for the confrontation, because apart from that we won and when there were a few seconds left and the ball stopped, I shouted: ‘Enjoy the game’ and I asked them to stay calm”he added.

“We made a huge effort in the club to install a new floating floor. The people who installed it called me to find out if they had broken it. I told them I didn’t know, that I’m going to the club on Wednesday. We were very careful not to leave no item that could be used for aggressive purposes, but they grabbed a table and tore off its legs,” De Palma lamented.

Stockolmo’s president said that the club, as an immediate measure, review the list of people who usually follow the club: “Stockolmo never leaves ticket sales open. We have a list of members, fans and relatives with name and identity card. We are going to exhaustively review that list so as not to let in more people that we identify with this problem. This It can’t happen again. Honestly We are extremely sorry for what happened. We have been working in the same way, but this time the situation overwhelmed us and since we felt that the responsibility was ours, we went to apologize,” concluded the president of Stockolmo.

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Serious incidents in El Metro: Stockolmo fans attacked Olivol leaders with stones and iron