Scottie Pippen and his war with Michael Jordan set the NBA on fire

Lto open war between Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan seems to have only just begun and there are already two very different camps between the supporters of one and the other. The Arkansas forward opened the crossfire by revealing passages from his memoirs in which he charges against the mythical ’23’ whom he accuses of belittling him there and his teammates on the Chicago Bulls.

“The last two episodes aired on May 17. Like the previous eight, They glorified Michael Jordan without giving enough praise to either myself or my proud teammates. And Michael deserves a large share of the blame for that. The producers had given him editorial control of the final product. The documentary could not have been published otherwise. He was the protagonist and the director “, assures Pippen in one of the passages of the book revealed by GQ.

Now it is the turn of counterattacking Jordan’s supporters who have not been slow to attack Pippen at what they they consider disloyalty. This is the case of two of the most controversial journalists in the United States, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless.

“Scottie Pippen should be ashamed of himself. He feels slighted and the world has recognized him as one of the best 50 players in history. And now 30 years later, he comes out with this. He has crossed the line. He’s accusing Jordan of elevating him. Do you have to remember who Michael Jordan was before Pippen came along? “ assured the ESPN journalist. For his part, Bayless also attacked the Arkansas forward and sent him a message: “You should be grateful to have been able to play alongside Michael Jordan.”

The Arkansas forward pointed to Jordan’s true motive for giving the green light to the filming and broadcast of the documentary: “Michael was determined to prove to the current generation that he was the greatest of all time. Even bigger than Lebron James, the player that many consider not only his equal, but superior “.

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Scottie Pippen and his war with Michael Jordan set the NBA on fire