Sciutto defines his future – DiarioSports – San Francisco

The historic player from San Isidro and with extensive experience in national and international basketball, goes through decision-making days in his career. Continue playing at 43 or face the role of coach directly.

The pandemic forced him to return from Italy a year and a half ago. Since that time he has not played an official match, but despite this he did not stop training for a day after the qualifications.

Germán Sciutto is in top form at 43 years old, he remained expectant in case he was seduced by any possibility and he continues to be, but now also with a second door that is being opened for him.

Going back to Italy, one of the possibilities.

The native of Marcos Juárez, but a San Francisco native by adoption, has been taking the coach courses for a couple of years and all this knowledge acquired could be put into practice in the short term. From Italy he received the proposal to direct in the fourth category of that country, in addition to facing a project that he himself presented in his last stay.

Sciutto in his last team in Italy, Osimo from the fourth division.

The “gringo” analyzes it, continues in conversation with the Italian managers, but the heart also delays it. It is that from his hometown, from the club where he was born and of which San Martín de Marcos Juárez is a fan, they proposed to him to close his career as a basketball player wearing that shirt in the next edition of the Cordovan League that grants a promotion to the Federal Tournament .

The dilemma is clear; play one more semester and retire at the same institution where your story began or move to the next level of your life and career: being a coach.

In San Isidro he played 358 games and converted 3443 points. Player with the most number of encounters and as many in the red history.