There was action for the First local, with triumphs of La Emilia in the A1 and Belgrano “B” and Riberas in the A2. In the Women’s Championship, a match was played and in the Inferiors the activity was intense. In addition, in the Predederal Los Indios de Junín and SMATA de Mar del Plata won.

La Emilia got a great victory over Defensores in the A1 of the First local.

On the tenth date of A1 in the local La Primera tournament “Daniel ´Nene´ Spurio”, last night La Emilia won on their court over Defensores by 92 to 90. Already Regattas had beaten Don Bosco. Tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. Belgrano-Somisa will play, defining the “1” of the group. Meanwhile, for the 12th day of the A2, in the “Fortunato Bonelli” Belgrano “B” gave the note and beat Los Andes by 68 to 66, which cut a streak of four victories in a row, and in Villa Constitución Riberas defeated Social 74-70. On Friday Regatas “B” beat Somisa “B” 81-65. Tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. Sacachispas-Miter will close.

For the First of the Feminine Belgrano he beat Los Andes 42-40. Tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. they will face Regatas-San Martín.


For the twelfth date of the ABSN Lower Championship, the following results were recorded today:
Sub-13: Riberas 63-La Emilia 46 and Los Andes 25-Somisa 87; Sub-15: Belgrano “B” 42-Regattas “B” 75, Defensores 104-Sacachispas 43 and Riberas 59-La Emilia 71.

Sub-17: Belgrano “B” 56-Regattas “B” 54, Defensores 80-Sacachispas 62, Riberas 68-La Emilia 55 and Somisa “B” 58-Miter 53; Sub-20: Regattas 71-Belgrano 86, Defensores 61-Sacachispas 52 and Riberas 56-La Emilia 68.

Already Regatas “A” beat Belgrano “A” by 72 to 58 in Sub-15, while in Sub-17 Red won by 82 to 77. Tomorrow these two clubs will meet in Sub-13.

There were two clashes in the Prefederal

In the continuity of the sixth date of the Prefederal Tournament, by Group A Los Indios beat July 9 72-65 in clashes between the Junín teams, while the duel of Mar del Plata, by C SMATA beat 94-90 to Alvarado.

On Friday B Defensores beat Sacachispas 76-68 in Villa Constitución, cutting a streak of three consecutive defeats, while in Zárate Independiente he beat Náutico 81-51. For the C the match between Olavarrienses was for Racing, who defeated Pueblo Nuevo 81-80. And for D, Platense and Social Alejandro Korn won against Náutico de Zárate and Deportivo San Vicente, respectively. Tomorrow they will complete Argentino de Trenque Lauquen-Atlético Villegas for A.