Sang the millers

With a partial result of 14-10 in favor of Nacional, with just over 4 minutes to play on the clock, the match was resumed on the Trouville court. The venue opened with a 6-0 run, the product of triples by Massa and Curbelo. However, Hinkle responded quickly, also with a triple, and Nacional again went through the minimum. Another triple from Nacional, now in the hands of Miller, added to the defensive intensity of the “bag” served to increase the difference. The first quarter closed with a victory for Nacional by 28 to 24.

The second quarter began with a Toolson 3-pointer, which brought the homeowner within a point of difference. In Nacional the one who took the reins of the attack was Quincy Miller, who had a couple of intractable minutes, in which his team took advantage and managed to open 10 rent. In the absence of 4:55, Nacional reached 41 points. From that moment on, the “bag” had a 4-minute pass without scoring, as a result of Miller and Romero leaving, as well as Justin Leon entering Trouville. The drought was only able to break Hinkle about the close of the first half. Finally, the second quarter ended with a victory for Nacional by 43 to 39.

The third quarter woke up with a triple from Hinkle, which in this way began to get into the game. In addition, the return to the rectangle of Miller instead of Bastón, who did not have a good game, helped to give stability to Leo Zylbersztein’s team. While Trouville continued to be intense on defense, he still struggled to improve on offense. So, Justin Leon’s income is the one that changes everything. An impressive passage, where the foreigner got absolutely everything right. First, a triple with the mark on top. Then, a beastly sink for the homeowner to win by the minimum. Finally, the third left with a victory for Trouville by 62-55.

The last quarter was an absolute madness, which was lived intensely both on and off the court. Trouville tried to impose the rhythm that he had been leading up to that moment, but in Nacional the individualities began to appear, little by little. Moglia on the one hand, Hinkle on the other, and Miller doing his thing, like all night. When the game was tied at 77, Federico Soto scored a triple that blew up the Trouville fans, who saw the first victory of the season close. However, Charles Hinkle took the game for him, and scored 4 consecutive points that gave the partial advantage to the “purse”. The game was equalized again at 83 after a triple by Santiago Massa. The last word came from Quincy Miller, who, with less than a second to go, nailed a spectacular triple that closed the game and gave Nacional a very important victory on the first day of the League. The final result was 86 to 83.

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Sang the millers