San Carlos in the Super League, the story behind the rise

By Richard Guinsburg June 30, 2022 – 9:50 p.m.

The little story behind the promotion of the team of the Municipality of San Carlos to the super league of Mendoza’s basketball It has a well-marked start. Precisely in the month of February of the current year, when the people in charge of the team offered one of its references in the 2021 season, Heber Jirato take over the leadership of the top team since an injury that had plagued him for quite some time would prevent him from participating as he likes best, as a player.

Let us remember that in last season the San Carlos team was on the verge of reaching the Super League by losing to San Martin. For this reason, for the 2022 edition it was prepared since mid-February with the aim of ascending, with a squad made up of local players and the help of three reinforcements (two from Venezuela and one from Salta). They started the year with a very clear objective: to achieve a position in the highest category of basketball from Mendoza, the Super League.

Heber Jira accepted the challenge of putting the San Carlos team back in the Super League, where the best mendocino basketball are and the competition is extremely difficult. He completed his coaching staff with Santiago Perez Y Facundo Muzaber What attendees; and in the physical part had the collaboration of the teachers Enzo Soria Y Pedro Palmall within the structure of the Sports Directorate who directs the Professor Carlos Calderon and the strong support of Mayor Rolando Scanio.

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The rest of the story was written at sheer sacrifice. Countless trips over 150 km to go, play and return. A very complicated first wheel as a visitor, only one victory in five presentations although the conviction remained intact, as well as the arduous daily training sessions.

The accompaniment of the public in the local matches was constant and, as things went on, that support was also felt as visitors, to the point that in the last and decisive match that allowed the long-awaited promotion they converted the Polimeni in a branch of Fortín Sancarlino.

On the night of this Wednesday, June 30, the champions toured the main arteries of the department in a caravan. It can be said that practically all the neighbors were in the street and a single scream was heard…SAN CARLOS CHAMPION!!!!

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San Carlos in the Super League, the story behind the rise